Kids Do Not Make You Disabled!

People are pissing me off today. And it all started with a memory that I thought I forgot.

I went to the store today, I went to go buy a 12 pack of Mountain Dew. When I pulled into the disabled parking spot, which I can legally do I didn’t notice this, maybe because they were empty at the time.

I pop my trunk, turned off my car, and grabbed my wheelchair. A new wheelchair by the way. I roll into the store and end up buying a 12 pack of pop as well as a single energy drink. Pretty simple stop but it took me an hour to do.

I wrote a post awhile ago about how I wish I could just run from point A to point B without taking an hour to do it. The store is not even a mile from my house. Going to my car to put my wheelchair in the car, driving two minutes down the road, taking my chair out to shop, putting my chair back in, driving home, and taking my chair back out takes longer than most people think.

By the time I was ready to drive back home with wheelchair in trunk I sat in my car for awhile staring at the two cars parked in front of me. They knew each other based on the fact that the passenger of the van went into the store with the driver of the Grand Am that was parked next to them.

But they didn’t go into the store first, the two of them had to bullshit with each other in the parking lot first, for what seemed like a good five minutes.

So I was parked in a disabled spot, the van that was facing me, nose to nose, was also in a disabled parking spot. This van had what seemed to be 7 occupants, 6 once the front passenger went into the store with the driver of the other car who now had one occupant.

Between the two cars was an empty parking space, one that is meant to be empty; outlined in yellow with diagonal lines though it. Both of these cars were parked in disabled spots and neither of them had disabled plates or a disabled sticker which only tells me that they are not supposed to be parked there.

By the time I got am employees attention to let her know she just ended up telling me, “I don’t know what to do, I’m not equipped to deal with this type of situation,” she looked at the cars and followed it up by saying, “Do you want me to get my supervisor?”

To which I said, “By then I’ll be gone, but yes it would be nice.” At that point the driver of the van acted like they were going to move and the employee said, “Look, they’re moving.” But they didn’t, they just wanted the employee to give up, which…lets be honest, she would have anyways.

As I’m leaving I flip off the driver of the van. Did it solve anything? Not really, she knew I was upset, but she didn’t fucking move. I just hope that someone who actually needed that spot didn’t show up and not have access to it.

Normally I wouldn’t have flipped her off, it would have pissed me off, but I would have known that anything I do wasn’t going to solve anything. And even if I called the cops they wouldn’t have shown up for another hour or more. And they would be gone by then.

But I was already upset about something that I thought I forgot about. You may know that my mind is random and I think about weird shit. My fiance learned not to ask what I’m thinking about. We’ll be laying in bed having pillow talk and a moment of silence will go by, when she asks, “What are you thinking about,” I’m liable to say something like, “How I’m going to lay out my next settlement on Fallout 4.”

So why this came into my mind I don’t know.

Before me and my fiance started dating I had a short conversation with this girl and I can’t remember much other than how it ended. I wanted to talk to her but didn’t know what to say. I most likely kept asking questions to find a common ground. Then she asked, “Are you slow?”

She told me that she was not trying to be mean, but how the fuck do you expect me to take that. At the time I don’t think I told her that I was disabled yet.

The next part of our conversation was something like this:

“Okay, so this is what’s up.”

“I’m disabled.”

“And I talk slower than most.”

“But I’m not a retard.”

To which she goes onto tell me that she wasn’t calling me a retard. How the fuck do you expect me to take that.

I was the disabled kid in school that was made fun of on a daily basis and was called a retard on many occasions, sometimes by adults that didn’t know any better.

So that has put me in a bad mood, Why? I don’t know, it happened a long time ago. But it made me feel like I was 13 years old all over again.

And that my friends is why I flipped some lady off in a parking lot who was parked in a disabled parking space. Being lazy is not a disability!!!


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