Asked a Question

A few nights ago my fiance and I were laying in bed when she decided to ask me questions that were then posted to her Facebook. Why the questions? I don’t know, something fun I guess.

One of said questions was: What annoys you the most about me?

There are a few small things that annoy me when it comes to the woman I live with. To be honest they are such small issues that I forgot most of them and didn’t have an answer for her.

But I did mention something that does annoy me about her, and if you care to read some more you’ll find out what that is.

I grew up in the time of a big brown box that sat on green shag carpeting. The carpet was left over from the 70’s, but the TV didn’t have a flat screen and sat in a big wooden box that had large knobs that clicked so loud that changing the channel while someone was sleeping was impossible.

Later on my family upgraded to a TV that was in style, 25 years ago. They gave me the big box television to put in my room where I could play the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which was later upgraded to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

When I was a kid my the TV was on from when I woke up at 7am to watch cartoons to midnight when my dad went to sleep watching some kind of science fiction movie. That is 17 hours of TV ranging from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the news, to a show called Aliens that ran sometime in the 90’s.

I grew up with the sound of TV shows being my white noise. In my teens I had to turn on the TV, even if I was not watching it. If the TV was not on while I was inside it felt like I was going insane.

Then in my late 20’s I met this girl who was raised to only have the TV on when you are watching it, and not to watch for more than a show or movie.

I became slightly used to the idea of not having the TV on just for the hell of it. With the price of cable TV being $258.99, we can not afford cable TV and all we have is Netflix and DVD/Blu-ray.

So I still love those time when you find a show, a show where you would like to sit down and watch four or five, maybe even sixteen episodes. Shannon on the other hand will only watch one…two if you’re lucky.

And I like watching the show with her, but she is never home and when she is she doesn’t want to watch it. So you think to yourself, “Fuck it, I’ll watch it twice,” but that never works out. If she finds out that you watched it without her she is no longer interested and acts like its your fault.

So that, that is what bothers me. Netflix finally released season 2 of a show that I would love to watch from beginning to end. But I’m not, and if I try to I’m a bad person for not waiting for something that never happens.


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