Okay, I’m Going to Say it

This post might be long, it’s planned to be short. Knowing me and the way my brain is like a ten year old who has ADHD and is high on cocaine, I might start talking about the kind of wood that tree is and end up talking about the prison industrial complex.

Often I end up looking at my own blog to not only remember what I wrote about but to try to see how someone else might look at it.

On the side I have a compacted list of my followers. Which was good, that was what I planned. Recently a girl started following my blog. She has a picture that some might not like.

So let me address what some might not ever question.

I’m a guy, I love boobs, I love pussies, I love butts…blah, blah, blah. However I am also engaged and that being said her blog is for reading material that might do something else.

Regardless…I’m not trying to get anyone to stop following my blog based on that.

I’ve even noticed that I have a girl who is a christian following my blog, which is kind of ironic considering the fact that I’m at atheist and most hardcore Christians tend to go down the republican road, and…I’m also a democrat.

Point is…if she wants to follow my blog she is more than welcome to. Whatever her reason is…I’m not going to kick them out of the club unless they starting being violent towards others, which to be totally honest I’m not a good bouncer, I’m just the owner.

If you like to show up to my club wearing your Sunday’s best with a Bible under your arm and you also see a naked girl walking around while she holds onto a guys penis with each hand, don’t judge her and try not to judge me.

That sounds a bit hypocritical of me. I try not to judge you, I try not to tell you that how you see life is wrong. Even if it is, it is how you find happiness. But I find myself saying shit like “They’re stupid,” but I try not to. That goes against what I say, but I do try not to.

That being said if I feel a certain way about something, I’m not going to hide it. Just because I think you’re wrong, doesn’t mean I think you’re stupid. I wont tell you how to live life, if you don’t tell me how to live life.

That being said be kind, if you see a naked chick walking around my club don’t be too fast to leave without looking around. If you do end up leaving…I’m glad you stopped by.


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