Well That’s Cool


Have you ever wondered to yourself I wonder why that happens? Well I do quite often and some of the ideas are really dumb.  So I bring to you a new page in Q and A format where I answer some of the questions that you or I may want to know.


What is the scientific reasoning behind a brain freeze?


The scientific name of a brain freeze is called Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia which means nerve pain to the roof of your mouth.

A study from Japan found that this may be caused by a temperature decrease to ones brain, many scientists believe this to be true.

A study done at Harvard Medical may have found the answer, the anterior cerebral artery is the major supplier of oxygenated blood to the brain, and while drinking cold water this artery dilated as soon as the artery began to shrink back to its normal size the symptoms went away; which therefore restored regular blood flow.

It is speculated that the pain you experience during a brain freeze may be brought on by an increase in blood flow.

Our brain is one of the most sensitive organs we have. It’s possible that a brain freeze is a defense mechanism by protecting our brain from extreme changes of temperature.

As more blood flows into the brain the pressure inside of the skull will therefore increases which causes pain.

On a side note, those who experience brain freezes often are also known to suffer from repeat migraines, and those who get rarely experience migraines also rarely experience the sensation of a brain freeze.


Why is the sky blue?


The sky is blue because of the way it is seen due to the prism effect.

Light Waves

The light from the sun appears to be white when in all reality it is every color of the rainbow.

The light that you see is just a tiny bit of all light in the universe, light is energy that travels in waves, some travel in short “choppy” bursts while others travel in a longer and straighter wavelengths.

Initially light travels in a straight line until something (gas, liquid, or solid) gets in the way and causes light to reflect, bend, or scatter.

As sunlight reaches Earths atmosphere the light is scattered by the tiny molecules of air in our atmosphere. We see the color blue because the scattered light travels in shorter and smaller waves.

As the sun goes down, light waves change, therefore you may end up seeing yellow, orange, or red.

Have you ever got a cup of water and wondered this is not blue?

Water is not blue.

If it was not for light reflection you would not be able to see anything.

For the sake of argument let’s assume you could, lakes, ponds, and rivers would most likely appear to be green because of the algae in those bodies of water and the ocean would probably appear to be clear or a hue of clear.

Water that you see is blue because of light reflection. If we see blue in the sky and it is reflected onto the water, it only makes sense that the water would appear to be blue.

Keep an eye out for updates, as I receive or think of questions I will update this page with those I find most interesting.

If you want to ask me a question that you do not know the answer to please refer to the Ask Me A Random Question page. Your question may be featured on this page, you will remain anonymous unless you tell me otherwise.


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