Wasting Time

You ever hear someone ask you, “Why do you listen to talk radio, that is so boring.” Well, no, no it’s not; you just haven’t discovered it.

When I was a kid, my dad was the typical older guy who listened to classic rock. At the point in my life I listened to rap, and only rap; everything else was dumb. As I got older my musical tastes have spread to places that I wasn’t looking at before. Now a day at the age of 33 I like…see, everyone classifies shit as whatever the fuck they want it to be. To put it very simple I opened myself up to rock: classic rock, metal, heavy metal, alternative, blah blah blah.

I can list the bands but then you’d be stuck with a pointless post full of band names.

I still listen to rap, it is still my favorite; but I have so much more now.

As my dad got older I came to find out that all he did was listen to some kind of talk radio, talking about something. And as I get older I’m starting to understand the mental stimulation that comes with that.

I mean I still listen to music, I love music; but here in a few days I’m going to spend 3 days in a car. On day one I’ll be driving from Lincoln, Nebraska to Laramie, Wyoming; a total of 492 miles (or 792 kilometers). On day two I’ll be driving from Laramie, Wyoming to Boise, Idaho; a total of 690 miles (or 1,111 kilometers). On day three I’ll be driving from Boise, Idaho to Portland, Oregon; a total of 430 miles (or 692 kilometers).

That comes to a grand total of 1,612 miles/2,595 kilometers.

That song? Oh I’ve heard that song before, hundreds of times. Podcasts and/or talk radio make it much easier to sit on the road for hours at a time. Time flies by a lot faster when you’re using the excuse of driving as an excuse to hear what they’re going to say next.

Regardless of what cell phone companies claim, when you leave a city in the Midwest you also loose any 3G connection, and based upon that I bought SiriusXM radio just for this trip, which I’ll have to cancel here in about 30 days or so.

If I have the internet, I don’t really care about Shade45, Octane, The Bridge, or Faction Talk; but it’s going to come in handy over those 3 days of car travel.

And on that note, I think talk radio also calms people down. I’m one of the only people I know who can be comfortable sitting on South 167 from Auburn, Washington to Puyallup, Washington and spending the next one and a half to two hours traveling 25 miles.

The Men’s Room, KISW, look it up.


I’ve Been Told

countymap_largeAs some of you might now I lived in Washington State for 15 years, from 1998-2013. There are many reasons why I’m sad that I left the state, one of them being that I helped to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and before the state was legally allowed to sell the product I had to leave to the middle of fucking nowhere.

Okay, so…this is a last minute post that I’m making as I’m listening to the new Dr. Dre album while I’m drinking beer after I ate. I have no idea how this is going to layout, but I do have an idea; so it might be random as hell.

So, speaking of pot lets bring up the difference between western and eastern Washington. Without getting too much into it, Western Washington is where the port is, therefore that is where the most of the states activity happens. The majority of the states population lives on the western side, most of them being from very different races, religions, and lifestyles. All the cities, or a lot of them and right next to one another. You can go 50 miles north on I-5 and feel like you never left a city, when in fact you went thought several cities.

You ever hear that stat that says those who live in a greater population, that population being populated my several different types of people, are generally democratic. That being said the majority of the state is democratic.

Then you drive east and go over the cascade mountain range and enter a different environment. You raise elevation by about 2,000 feet (or 609 meters for those of you that need the different unit). The weather is totally different. See I can fucking go on forever, but I’m not trying to bore you with facts and shit. The cities on eastern Washington are generally smaller and are actually separated by land that has nothing for a good 10 miles or more.

You know what man, I didn’t spend that much time on the eastern side, so if you’re from that side of the state feel free to correct me.

Anyways, being smaller that side of the state is primarily republican.

Now that I said more than I wanted to, there are two cities on both sides of the state, Seattle and Spokane. When marijuana was legalized that state was not allowed to sale the product for X amount of time after because of what the law said. Actually now that I think about it, it was my 29th birthday, late November; we voted to pass that law, but it did not go into effect until the beginning of 2014.

The whole point of me telling you this is to say that the judge is Seattle was releasing people from jail or not arresting anyone else for the simple possession of marijuana; that is if the person was not caught with the intent to distribute and they were carrying or had less than an ounce.

While on the other side of the state the judge in Spokane was still arresting people and clogging up the prison system for something that in all reality didn’t do any harm to anyone.

Blah blah blah…

I love Washington, those were the best 15 years of my life. I stopped getting made fun of, I became more popular that I have even been, some of my best friends; no…no, all of my best friends live there, and I met my future wife there.

I started writing this post, or got the idea of it because I saw a picture of one of my followers, was not really paying attention until I saw the Seattle Spaceneedle in the background. I felt an instant connection to this girl, who was pretty cute to be honest, but I don’t know her. Why do I feel as if you as so much cooler because you’re from Washington State? An asshole can be from Washington State too.

Home is where the heart is. My heart is in Washington State, the Pacific Northwest in general. The two five thizzle to be exact. I was born in Nebraska, and moved back when I was almost 30 years old, I don’t call this my home anymore.

Growing up in Nebraska I was made fun of by 30 people, 30 fucking people, every single day. As a kid I’d fake being sick not to stay home, but so I didn’t have to worry about…assholes who thought being handicapped was funny.

Part of it was the fact that I moved to a new place, a place where no one knew me; but I still thank Jenny Jones. I wrote about this before, if your curious you might not have to search too hard to find it.

One of the reasons why I like high school so much, part of me misses it. All of my friends say, “Oh I hated school,” I get it, but would you rather be waking up earlier than you used to just to go to work and make money that you don’t get to keep anyways? And unless you a really bad kid you couldn’t fired from school.

By the time I got to my senior year in high school I was pretty damn popular, and for a handicapped kid that grew up with bullies that was pretty fucking important.

I have plenty of other things to talk about, but I won’t; not in this post at least.

As pathetic as it might sound, as popular as I was girlfriends did not come by very often. There was a time in my life that was very lonely. I had friends and all, but after leaving for work at five in the morning and not coming home from school until ten at night. I had very little of a social life, and my best friend just moved to Colorado (which was a mistake on his part). When I got home all I did was get online and attempt to talk with a girl.

I was so lonely, depressed, and sexually frustrated that more often than not those few conversations that I got into didn’t end well. At one point I started talking to this girl, just like all the others it did not end well, she just up and stopped talking to me, this was after we went as far as to exchange numbers. I would still send her a text here and there but never got any type of response.

I’ve learned that the more I tried to talk to her, the further away she would go. At some point I gave up, why am I going to waste my time to just make myself cry?

Fast forward to the very beginning of 2011, and I mean as soon as the ball dropped on New Years Eve of 2010; she sent me a text message out of the blue, I was not expecting her to, but I was happy that she did.

She turned out to be a really cool girl who loves me for me, she knows and knew that I was disabled, we shared many similar values, we rarely fight and even when we do she is the one who remains calm. It was like I found the one I never thought I would. Everything that I want in a partner is her.

As I’m typing this, four years later, she is sitting in the family room eating pizza, she just got home from work.

Then I was told I love Washington too much. I have a Seattle Supersonics hat, a Seattle Seahawks jersey, an empty bottle of Men’s Room Original Red as well as an empty bottle of Men’s Room Black, my computer and home has a wallpaper of Thun field in the foreground of Mt. Rainier, my three monitors and work feature Point Defiance, The
Narrow Bridges going over the Puget Sound, and another one looking at a building the faces the water in Tacoma as the sun sets.

I have a t-shirt that says Tacoma, Washington on it, the background of my phone is Mt. Rainier, I was lucky enough to get a member of KISW to send me four Men’s Room drink coasters – one of which is at work – as well as a rubber bracelet for The Migs Cast, a 2015 Washington State calendar hanging in my office at work, both of my old Washington license plates – one in my mancave at home and one in my office at work.

And on a regular basis I still listen to KISW The Rock of Seattle. Which is kinda cool now that the BJ and Migs in the Morning does not start until 8 in the morning CST but on the other hand The Men’s Room does not start until 4 in the afternoon. I used to listen to it everyday at two o’clock, but now I got to wait two more hours.

Anyways I’ve been told I love Washington too much, if you keep telling people Washington is awesome and drop the word Washington into a story you’ll just seem like a douchebag from the Northwest.

I’m sorry to all you Nebraskans that I annoy, but Washington hold a special place in my heart. I understand that you’re coming from an outside perspective and don’t understand, but I love shit like no humidity in the summer, barely any snow in the winter, good friends, evergreen trees, mountains, a green lawn 365 days a year, and the rain is not that bad; people in Nebraska think I’m strange that I get happy when it rains and can go sit in the rain during my break like nothing is the matter.

I love Washington man, and if you’re from Washington I automatically assume we have a connection.