Never Heard Before

Yesterday I was in my car, I can’t remember where we were driving but regardless of that we were traveling to the north side of town, why? I don’t remember… Oh yea, now I do, I was driving her to work.

On the way to work we saw a red truck with a Donald Trump sticker on it. Right under his last name that was in a larger font it said, “Let’s make America great again.”

When was it ever great? When we stole it from the Native Americans? When we owned slaves? When we forced black people to sit on the back of the bus or use a different bathroom? Or better yet was America great when we said that same-sex couples  can’t be happy and share the same resources by legally obtaining a marriage licence?

Before I go any further…may I say this unless you don’t know; I’m a democrat and I’m disabled too, I can’t relate to it some others can, but if anyone understands what its like to treat people equally…it’s me.

But this post is not meant to be political even thought it is mentioned.

While we were in the car looking at the back of his truck I heard her say something that I never though I’d hear before. I’m not going to say what she said, I’ll just say this…none of us are violent and we do not own guns.

“That surprising me hun, I never heard you say something like that…ever, and you’re not a violent person either; but yes, I get it.”

The conversation ended by her saying.

“I have so many friends, more than most, who are gay or trans and to be totally honest all of them are afraid to live if dumb asses are able to get his racist ass in office.”


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