Rant of the Night

“It doesn’t matter if it’s politically correct, all that matters is if it’s biblically correct.”

My fiance works with someone who I could not work with, and maybe I do work with someone like this. But due to the fact that you are not supposed to talk about politics or religion at work, on top of the fact that I’m not Facebook friends with any of my present co-workers; I do not know their personal opinions.

A few days ago she requested me as a friend on Facebook, and to be honest it stressed me out. My fiance is a lot better than I am at walking away from a situation. Because of the fact that the two of them were friends I was well aware of the type of shit that she posted.

When you stereotype the State of Nebraska there are three things that most people think about: corn, religion, or republicans. And let’s be honest, now of days religion and conservatism seems to go hand in hand. Why, I don’t fucking know.

My fiance and I are democratic. While I do have some republican values, they are far out weighted by the democratic values that I have.  And the few republican views that I do have are not based on my faith in God. And considering that I’m an Atheist…you’re not an idiot you can figure that out.

So I’m sitting in my room, my office/mancave,  Shannon just got home from work and while I’m going through iTunes making playlists Shannon is sitting on the couch in the family room looking at her phone and she says, “This is great babe, you want to know what Sarah posted?”

In the back of my mind I knew I didn’t want to know. But oddly I kind of did, and I wanted to let Shannon feel as is I cared what she had to say.

On a side note, as soon as I requested her as a Facebook friend I was quick to not only add her to my rejected list, so she could not see anything that I didn’t publicly post, but I also removed her from my timeline so I would not  see anything that she posted.

This person who is not merried, but has had sex many times thinks that the laws that we pass need to be bassed off of the Bible. “Because fuck everyone else, as long as the law is catered to my point of view it’s good enough for me”.

And under that reasoning we all need to gather outside of her house once she is merried and throw stones at her until she dies because she had sex before marriage and therefore will someday get merried without being a virgin.

Don’t look at me, I didn’t say anything bad; the Bible did.


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