Because I Love Music

You know what man? I totally got this idea from one of the blogs I follow. I mainly stumbled onto the blog because her main picture looked hot, but I’m engaged, why do I care, whatever. I could not find a larger image anyways.

The name of her blog I can not remember. But if you (the owner of the blog) happens to read this feel free to link yourself to this. If you don’t then…whatever.

So I loaded my iTunes and as some of you may know I have an ungodly amount of music. I put my music on random and I’m going to tell you what songs those are, and if I can I’ll put a YouTube link to that song in  case you are curious to actually know what song I’m talking about.

Hopsin – I Can’t Decide

This dude was quick to become one of my favorite rappers. Mainly for his lyrical content. He manages to tell stories that I may not be able to relate to, but it is more relateable than money and bitches. And yes, hip-hop is my favorite genre and I do listen to songs about money and bitches. But in all reality I’m poor like 99% of the rest of America. And I’m lucky if someone has sex with me, and if they do I don’t refer to them as a bitch unless they are being a bitch.

So I can, in a weird way, relate to this story more then some other songs. Maybe it’s because I had many times where I told my friends not to do stupid shit.

Yelawolf – Radio

Many of my friends think this is a stupid song, but I don’t really care. Not only do I love music which is why I can relate to this song, but the beat puts me in a good, relaxed mood. This song also reminds me of waking up at three in the morning to drive to downtown Puyallup and sit on the train all the way to King Street Station in Seattle. This album came out when I was working in Seattle and woke up at 3am just to get home at 7pm and go back to sleep at 8pm.

Daddy X – Old School Shit

In 2004 I lived in Washington State and listened to 104.9 Funky Monkey, a rock station that only a few of you might know, it no longer exists. The station has went through two changes sense then. Regardless of that I heard that my favorite band was playing at Seattle Hempfest 2004. The first time I went to Seattle Hempfest I saw Kottonmouth Kings, for free. At that point I feel in love with the event and tried to go every year after. Daddy X was the lead singer/founder of Kottonmouth Kings/Subnoize records. He released two solo albums, this song is off of his album Organic Soul.

Hed PE – Renegade

This band is also part of Subnoize Records, but I didn’t find out about them until my friend Marcus “introduced” me to them. There is really no story for this song, I just like it. If you like rock music, you’re a democrat, and a fan of conspiracy theories you might like this band.

Brotha Lynch – Siccem

This song was shortly released after Brotha Lynch was signed to Strang music. If you know of Tech N9ne you know of Strange Music out of Kansas City, MO. Sorry that most of these are rap, I listen to a lot more than rap. I just like this song, I can’t relate to it. Only a few people can stomach his lyrical content. But if you can understand that a story is just that, a story, not real life, you might be able to get passed it. I just like this song.

Eminem – My Name Is

I remember watching Total Request Live on MTV. I was in ninth grade and I just moved from Nebraska to Washington State. I was part of the millions of “kids” who watched this video the first time it was on TV, in such a large scale. Since then Eminem was one of my favorites, mainly because he was white and it was different, and being white and having another style of childhood I was a fan of his lyrical content. His new album, MMLP2 has some pretty good stories in it, he even has a song where he apologizes to his mom. If you know anything about the history or Eminem, that was not something I was expecting to hear.

That’s it….I got shit to do. So yea…and stuff. I can go on forever. Those 5 songs only hit on 0.03% of my music library.




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