I Think I’m Dumb


It just fit, it fit like a glove. Off hand I do not recall anything that was as ironic as this. It made my day to be honest, something that small made my day.

As some of you might know I got a job after I got back from my sister’s wedding in Idaho and about 3 mounts before I went to visit my friends and family for Christmas of 2014.

Yes, I know, I’m an atheist and therefore Christmas is not Christmas blah blah blah. First of all that’s what I know that time of the year as, I don’t even relate it to religion. Second of all that holiday has became commercialized. I don’t want to piss anyone off so I’ll just shut up.

My job is as an entry-level engineer or a draftsman to be more technical.

I have an office that was moved from the office onto the floor. So instead of being 3 feet away from my bosses office, like it was when I started when I was hired, I’m a doorway away from the shop floor where all the parts are manufactured. And in all reality I can’t complain.

The summers in Nebraska are almost unbearable, and coming from someone who spent 15 years in the greater Seattle area who forgot what the summers in Nebraska were like…it is unbearable. I’ve heard my friends in Washington say, “Dude, it’s fucking Washington, it rains everyday, we got more water in the air than you do.” Scientifically, maybe, but based on the feeling Washington does not have any humidity, and if it does its very little.

My office has an air conditioner in it, which is beyond awesome. The actual office does not have that, but I do.

When its 101 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside and it feels like you’re in a steamy spa that you can not escape unless you go inside an air conditioner is really awesome.

And I have a iPod with about 17,000 songs on it. So computer speakers plus an auxiliary cord and a massive music library that you cant even hear the same song if you play it for two mouths or more… And I love music, so…

It makes my day go by faster.

And my office is in a loud shop, with a door, and no one close by. I can blast my music and be okay with it.

Today I was doing my job, making a blueprint based off of a model that was made by people above me. I can’t tell you about the parts that we make, not like the part that I was making a print of would have told you anything, but I can’t…and to be honest I don’t really want to describe it.

Very often I place a dimension from one line to the other, it’s something that I do everyday so I didn’t put much thoght into it until today.

I had to place a dimension from a centerline to a solid line. I found out why this happened and I fixed it.

I went to go place a dimension by clicking on line one and then line two. The computer made that ding sound, like something didn’t work. I’m reading a small message box along the lines of, “Cannot place a dimension on selected entity.”

What the fuck? I do this everyday, many times a day. Why did this not work all of a sudden?

While this is going on my iPod is plugged in the my speakers with a sub and I’m playing it pretty loud. I made a playlist of songs that is made up of 507 songs that are songs that I don’t need to worry about playing, beside my classic rock playlist that contains 200 songs, this playlist is made up of a mash up of shit, mostly rock, most of the songs do not contain a parental advisory. The one that do “have bad words” don’t say fuck this, fuck that, fuck your mom, fuck my dick, fuck the verse, fuck you… so on and so forth.

As soon as the message box pops up what song is playing? Nirvana’s I Think I’m Dumb.

I’m sitting there signing along to the song not even thinking about this ironic moment. I’m enjoying myself, doing what I need to do, not having an issue with doing it either, I love my job.

I read this message and say out load to no one besides my computer, “What the fuck man, don’t be doing this to me now.” Then I go back to singing along to the song that is playing.

The second time I said, “I think I’m dumb,” I stopped to laugh at the situation because I knew this was a simple issue to figure out, it never happened before. Regardless of me figuring out why it was giving that message and know what to do to fix it the point is I felt like I was dumb.


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