Are You Sure?

mr-rude-380x341It was a Saturday, my other half was at work, I had nothing to do. I decided to jump on Grand Theft Auto Online, I usually don’t play games with people I do not know, or in video games speak “randoms.” However you can join a lobby without ever entering freemode and exposing yourself to a bunch of others who kill for no reason.

I just bought a third apartment, all three have a ten car garage; therefore I can own up to thirty cars. I need money before I can “pimp out” those cars, and some of them I even need to buy from the website in order to own it.

I jumped in a lobby to play a heist, the biggest money making ventures in the game. Unless you want to go spend real life money to acquire a larger amount of virtual currency.

I start playing with this guy, he is also wearing a mic and can therefore talk to me while I talk to him. Our goal of this mission was to travel from the city to the desert just to hop on jet skies and go to an island to rescue this dude that knew how to hack into the bank we were going to rob.

We’ve been playing for awhile, two of us separated from the other two who didn’t seem to know what they were doing, we finally got to the beach and were swimming into the water to board the jet skies.

Out of nowhere he asked, “Are you drunk”?

I knew where this was going. I’m not dumb, I know I talk slower and deeper than most, I get that; but in no way does that make me stupid. I’ve heard question like this before, but it never went this far, this quick, and this rude.

“No, I’m not drunk.”

He then goes onto ask me, “Are you high?”

I could understand why being drunk would make you slur you speech, but come on man.

“I haven’t been stoned in about two years man.”

At this point he just turned the rudeness meter up to ten as if his favorite song just came on. I couldn’t believe it, did your parents raise you to be an asshole?

“Are you a crack baby?”

I sat there riding my jet ski in silence before I said, “What?”

“Are you a crack baby?”


“You sure?”

At this point I didn’t care about being nice anymore.

“Dude, that is fucking rude man! No, I’m not a crack baby”

That is not only disrespectful to me but is also disrespectful to those child born with a mom who was or is on drugs. Like what the fuck dude, I know I talk deep and slow, but you don’t fucking know me, stop acting like you do.

I can understand not knowing the person, and trying to figure it out, but you don’t got to be as asshole.


4 thoughts on “Are You Sure?”

    1. People, some of them just don’t get it. I guess you can’t really blame people for what they don’t know, but in many of these situations people need to learn not to be afraid to ask but at the same time understanding that there are better ways of approaching such topics.

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