The Best Feeling Ever

tumblr_miupfpm2Fv1qlo7ico1_500Man, I should totally save this picture for my next post, whenever that is. I was not stoned in this story, but it did make my dad laugh, and that right there is the best feeling in the world, or one of them at least.

I lived in Nebraska at the time and my sister was going to get married. To a guy that I ironically knew in social circles before I knew that the two of them knew one another. I remember my sister in school telling me when she first smoked pot, at the time I was a goody two shoes and thought smoking pot was equivalent to killing a child.

Years later she became a “Bible thumper,” and I became the rebel. I remember her telling me, “Don’t hang out with Lance, he is a bad influence.” Then later on it life when she starts dating Tyler I come to find out that Tyler works at Red Robin with Lance, at therefore many of my friends “who were bad influences” became friends of my sister.

Anyways, she was going to get married to Tyler in Idaho. My sister and him lived in Spokane. If you know anything about that area Idaho is just a jump, hop, and a skip away from Spokane.

Because of this my girlfriend, at the time, and I took a flight from Omaha to Spokane just to be picked up by a taxi that took us into Idaho.

That night we showed up at the huge four story cabin, that looks like it would be featured in a magazine. The cabin was huge, it was on the lake. The entire wall facing the lake was nothing but windows; there was some walls and means of support, but the mass majority of it was covered in windows that looked out at Lake Coeur D’alene.

If you walked outside onto the third story balcony you could then look down 30 feet into the back yard that was connected to the first floor. There was a dock on the lake too, a private dock. If you looked straight you would see a body of water that was surrounded by rolling hills as far as the eye could see.

These rolling hills, other than houses, were littered with evergreen tress. In Nebraska we don’t have evergreen tress, and if we do they are far apart from one another. Not jam packed next together like I’m used to seeing in Washington State, or the Pacific Northwest in general.

It was at that point I realized that I took the beauty of Washington and Oregon for granted.

There were a lot of people in this house, my dad and Tyler’s dad were sitting outside on the balcony, drinking beer, or Pepsi, and just talking about life in general. I go outside to hang out with them while my girlfriend stayed inside to talk to all the women. Of course I had to wear my Russell Wilson jersey back to Washington that day.

It was 11:00 pm, I remember saying, “I’m tired guys, it is still 1:00 am to me.” It was not a cold day out, but it was very late summer, it was crisp that night. I lived in Nebraska again for the duration of one winter, so I’m sorry when you tell me 15 degrees is too cold, I just don’t feel bad for you, it’s not -12 outside (that is in ferinheight for all you that are not in America).

I remember Tyler’s dad saying, “I got to move” I asked him some sort of question, I think I said it was not cold outside. He continued with, “I need to move somewhere where my balls don’t retract into my body.” This whole time my dad is sitting there listening to this conversation, not saying anything, just enjoying the view that is the Pacific Northwest.

“Well that’s easy,” I pause for awhile and continue by saying “Yea man, just go down to Cabela’s and buy a hand warmer, then just stick in down your pants, problem solved.”

My dad started laughing, it felt good. It’s kind of like my dad telling my he is proud of who I turned out to be.

And I enjoy making people laugh anyways.


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