A Great Moment in Pop Culture.

Grand-Theft-Auto-3-FreeDo you remember this game…?

Most adults do. It changed what gaming was. Most games now a days would not be what they are today if it was not for the open would environment that Grand Theft Auto brought to the forefront of everyone’s attention.

There were games before Grand Theft Auto 3, to be exact, that experimented with the whole “sandbox” environment. However the third installment of Grand Theft Auto shined a giant spotlight on what in truly meant to be immersed in a open world environment.

This game came out in 2001, 14 years ago. I graduated high school in 2002. I was 16 years old at the time. I’m 31 now…fuck, that makes me feel old. The release of this game was the only reason I bought a Playstation 2. If anyone under the age of 13 is reading this I’m going to seem super old.

My friends and I had some good times playing Grand Theft Auto. In a group environment it was all about killing random people and seeing how long you could run from the cops. And if you think I ever thought about randomly killing people because I played a God damn video game, here is what you can do; learn how to form your own opinion, from first hand experience, and stop quoting second hand information.

Video games do not cause violence, crazy people do. That’s like saying, “oh my son ate a hamburger today, watch out that kind of food causes violent tendencies”.


This was before Grand Theft Auto even had a form of multiplayer. Me and my friends, usually five of them, would all sit in my room baked out of our minds taking turns, handing off the controller every time someone died.

Regardless of that Grand Theft Auto, as far as I’m concerned, was the first series to have a gripping story line that yanked my attention like a naked women sitting in my room when I wasn’t even aware of who or why she was there.  Multiple characters, all of whom had a very important part of said story.

It was the first game where I remembered being pissed at a fictional character. I remember yelling, “you fucking bitch,” at the TV when at the end of the game you learn that your girlfriend at the beginning of the game is the same person that sold you out to the Colombian Cartel. That is assuming that I remember it correctly.

The game started as a top down game, most people didn’t even find it that great due to that and there was a very limited idea of what could be done. In 2001 with GTA3, the game went 3D, I’m pretty sure that is what attracted most people to it.

A few years later Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released, a few years after that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out. The games were so interesting to me because all three of them tied together, I actually enjoyed finding how one character or piece of imagery related to the two previous versions that came out years prior.

Fuck it man, if you know about Grand Theft Auto I don’t need to sit here and tell you about the history of the game.

The point I’m trying to make was the game was great and gave me some memorable times. My friend was as into it as I was. We spent many of time talking about the game about how a certain character did that or a certain character did that, it was like we could sympathize with said character.

Of course we had fun sitting in each others room stoned off of our ass and seeing how many stars we could get and how long we could keep them without dying.

This kid, Eric; for the few of you that have heard his name before in previous posts, is by far my best friend. The only difference was he moved to Colorado and by the time I moved to Nebraska he moved back to Washington State. Ironically enough he called to let me know that he moved back to Washington State the same night I was sitting outside of a Nebraska’s Game Stop waiting for the midnight release of Grand Theft Auto Five.

I now have the same game on the new system, our friend does too. Because of this we were playing Grand Theft Auto Online last night. Grand Theft Auto did a good job of jumping on the whole multiplayer scene. You don’t play as any of the main characters, you create your own person, male or female. And can run around in a fictional version of Los Angles with 16 other people.

But to be honest I don’t like to play with anyone that I do not know, If you have experience in this you know too well that all they do is run around and kill one another for no apparent reason. That’s all well and good, but that is not the game I want to play. The game is capable of so much more, and I no longer have fun if I’m worried about who is coming after me, when are they going to kill me, and how are they going to do it.

“You know what man, this shit is great, this is like our new hang out spot.”

“Yea man, I know dude, it’s awesome.”

“Man, we are like 1,300 miles apart, this is like how we hang out now.

At that point a conversation about teleportation took place. He was stoned, legally by the way, I even asked him how expensive a gram was compared to its street value.

We were playing multiplayer, he is still in the mode of shooting people because he can. The last time he played Grand Theft Auto was San Andreas back in 2005. He hasn’t fully came to understand how far the series has came in the last ten years.

While he sits in Washington and updates his game I start an invite only session and head to an airport in the desert to get a helicopter and fly back into town. His game finally updates, I sent him an invite.

“Walk out of your apartment and go north to the nearest intersection.”

I was sitting in the middle of a busy four way intersection, just a normal guy in a helicopter; you know, the kind of shit you see everyday.

“What are we doing Danifer”

I don’t know why he started, but he called be Danifer for awhile now, I just embrace it. I already knew all he was going to do was fuck shit up without playing any missions, just staying in freemode.

“Were robbing some fucking gas stations man.”

“I need a suit if we’re doing this shit.”

I fly him over to the store, the one you can buy a suit. After he was done we lift in the air and find a liquor store. I landed as close as I could to the front door and stayed put while he ran into the store with a shotgun.

A few minutes later I see him running out of the store with police on his tail.

I figured if I ever had any time do to this, this was by far the best moment I would ever have.

In my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice I shout into the mic and say, “get in da chappa”


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