The Fictional Dirt: Part II

great_black_and_white_girl_on_floor_background-1280x800Today was just a normal day until Jim came home for lunch, other that it has been pretty normal, nothing with mentioning really. Just as I was expecting Lisa took a name around 2:00, I even laid her down at 1:50 which is only ten minutes, but she has been a brat all day, but I guess I can’t really complain. I get some damn good money to practically live here Monday thru Friday.

It was a nice day today and I was looking forward to laying out by the pool wearing almost nothing, I brought my bikini with me too. I even got to dip in the pool for a bit, part of me wanted to just lay there naked, but I was worried about someone coming home early.

I’m glad I wasn’t naked the whole time. I didn’t wear my bikini under my clothes so as soon as Lisa went to sleep I stood right next to the back door and took off all my clothes. It was kind of arousing to be in a different house, that is really nice, while I stood there naked. Like I was doing something naughty.

I’m glad I got dressed though because Jim ended up coming home but I was still kind of turned on from earlier that day.

Susan’s son is pretty sexy. Normal looking dude with a good jaw line, wide shoulders, and it looks like he works out too. He was wearing some white and blue plaid looking shorts with one of those cloth belt type things, along with his brown hair in a buzz cut while wearing aviators and a plain white t-shirt that showed off his toned muscles it was pretty cute.

He even has a black and white sleeve going up and down his right arm. I’m a sucker for tattoos.

Me on the other hand was almost naked, but he was so hot that I was not really ashamed. After talking to me for a while he went into the bathroom, I even saw that the door was cracked open. Did he mean to leave it open? I stood there in the kitchen and heard him making noises in the bathroom. Was he playing with himself? I think he was, but I didn’t want to catch him, I don’t know if he wanted me to know what he was doing.

But it turned me on even more than I already was so I made sure my boobs were lifted up almost popping out of my top. I even pulled my pants down in such a way that it showed more of my butt and the very top of my pubic bone.

He came out of the bathroom and saw me standing there showing off, but I think he was nervous. He never made a move on me, I was hoping he would have. He just stood there eating his food while I felt kind of weird in the silence.

I figured I was moving too fast. What kind of guy doesn’t want a girl like me, in a bikini to move too fast? But whatever, in the attempt to break the silence I asked him a ton of questions. Found out he was going to school to be an automotive technician, that is kind of hot. He also works at Jack in the Box, which I already knew but I asked him anyways.

He was pretty cool with all the questions I was asking him, kind of made me like him more that I already did. But to be honest I was wondering how big his cock was, I wanted to fuck him right there.

But I don’t know if he wanted that, and he came awhile ago…if I was right.

As soon as he was leaving to go back to school Lisa woke up, so I walked to the front door with him and even got his number. I think I’m going to text him in a few days, maybe he wont think it’s too weird.


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