Oh That Poor Kid


I just had lunch today. I have my own office at work, it’s not the typical office that most people think about. My office is in little own room inside of the shop which is also the inspection room. But I still do my regular office duties on top of being the guy in charge of quality assurance.

Inside of my office I have a computer that I happen to be typing on right now. I have a lot of freedom at work, as long as I’m caught up with work I can search around on Youtube if I really want to.

Everyday during my lunch I get on Netflix and watch something that is work appropriate. I was watching Joe Dirt today, I’ve seen it before and therefore know that I don’t got to worry about its content.

I come out of my office after I was done eating and Scott is about 40 feet away from me when he shouts, “it’s all you fault Dan.” Being curious I said, “what is?” So he comes back with, “you’re from Seattle, so I’m blaming this rain on you.”

It was raining outside, and has been off and on for the past few days now, but it’s nothing like what the Pacific Northwest is used to. When it does rain here it can be a hard rain with or without lighting and thunder, however today and the past few day it can easily be compared to the rain of Tacoma.

I know I’m not from Seattle, but people who have not lived anywhere close to Washington are not going to say, “you’re from Puyallup,” or even Tacoma. Seattle is what they know, so it makes sense. And Seattle was only 50 miles north of me, so I’ll take it.

4 hours later.

I found some work to do, so I’m typing the rest of this at home.

Where was I? Okay so I just got done eating lunch and I was about to go outside to smoke before I clocked back in. Scott blamed me for the rain, its cool, I know he was joking around anyways.

I go outside and it is raining, but not very hard, it was also pretty muggy and kind of warm outside so I went out without my hooded grey sweatshirt on.

As I was sitting there in my wheelchair, in the middle of the parking lot while droplet of water were falling wherever they please it made me wonder, “how many Nebraskans are driving by and as they look at me they think to themselves, “oh look at that, that poor kid sitting in the rain.”

I have no sign on my head that says, “I’m from Seattle, me and the rain are close friends.” It made me think that I should make a t-shirt that says “I’m from Seattle, I’m not afraid of the rain.”


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