The Fictional Dirt: Part I


I have a mother, her name is Susan. My mom was always an uptight mother who has always seemed to have her panties twisted inside the blades of a combine tractor. She never seemed to have any sort of fun in her life, sometimes I sit here and wonder what her life was like as a teenager.

My dad on the other hand is a fun loving down to earth guy with a good heart, everything he does carries the best of intentions. He grew up as a hippie in the late 60’s and early 70’s who was all about free love while he sat in his VW Bus tripping on some acid or smoking joints that he had pre-rolled into an empty box of cigarettes. How the two of them met is beyond me.

I honestly do not know how my mom and dad met, he must have met her before she turned into who she became. Either way you look at it I’m 19 years old with a sister who has just had her second birthday yesterday.

My parent’s have ended up hiring a babysitter to help out with my sister, I would normally do it but I’m going to college during the day and working the part-time shift at the local fast food joint on most nights. I work so often that they gave Sara a regular gig. I still live at home so I see the babysitter every now and then, but I’m gone more often than not, about the only thing I do when I come home is to sleep. She is usually gone before I get home anyhow.

Sara works Monday through Friday from six in the morning to four at night, even some nights and weekend on special occasions. My parents are both well to do and have enough money to pay her the wages of a normal job. It’s kind of like she became a part time roommate that gets paid to live there.

And who am I to complain? Lisa’s babysitter Sara is only 18 years old and has long flowing blond hair that reaches down past her shoulders with a slight curl at the end of each stand. She even has the deepest blue eyes that I have ever seen, when you look into them you can get lost in her innocence and beauty just as easy as a mouse in a maze looking for a block of cheese.

When she smiles it takes that beauty to a whole new level of hotness, which to be honest with you excites me, maybe more than it should.

My parents even have a underground pool in the backyard with a privacy fence all around the perimeter of the yard. Everyday around two o’clock in the afternoon my sister takes a nap for a few hours. She uses this time and her freedom to sit out by the pool with a baby monitor.

One day during school I came home for lunch and saw her sitting in the backyard with a blue bikini on, I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t see her shirt and jean shorts laying on the wooden floor next to the back door.

“Hey, why are you home so early,” she asked. I rarely come home for lunch, when I have previously Sara didn’t work for us. As far as she was concerned it was the first time I came home for lunch. She is so sexy that I was excited to see how this interaction would go.

She was laying there on the tan pool chair that had three levels, each of them rotate to form a chair or a bed. All three were rotated downwards, creating a bed while she laid there facing me with a quite baby monitor laying on the concrete next to her.

She looks up at me and all I can see is her cleavage, each boob running into the other with blond hair running down her bare back and dangling down both sides of her face with white rimmed sunglasses, both sides of the glasses three times the size of each eye. Her butt was facing the sun, only covered by a blue piece of fabric that was so tempting that it made we wonder what it looked like if she was naked from the stomach down.

I thought about her ass so intently that I had to go take care of my self in the bathroom. As I stood in front of the mirror with my pants down I left the door unlocked hoping she’d come in and catch me playing with my hard cock.

Even with the door cracked open it never happened, she never caught me. I just cleaned up the mess when I was done, pulled my pants, and went back to my lunch.

By the time I got out of the bathroom she was standing in the kitchen twirling the ends of her hair with her long but narrow fingertips, standing there in a blue bikini that almost made it appear that she was partially nude from the feet up. I could tell she was not ashamed to show off her sexy, petite body.

She was not a super skinny chick, but the weight that she had filled out all the proper spots of her figure. Her ass was fantastic and her boobs matched, making her look like ah hour glass, she was my type of girl. She stood there talking to me while I ate my food, she was being super friendly and a little flirtatious. Did she see what I was doing in the bathroom? Did she like it? The visual cues I was getting from her would tell me that she was at least aware of it. Her bikini was still damp too, so I could make out the shape and location of her nipples. She must of pulled her bottoms down a tad bit because I was even able to tell that she shaved down stairs, the dampness of her bottoms were also showing me the outline of her lips on both sides of her vagina.

But I didn’t want to seem like I was thinking about her naked body, so I avoided the conversation like the black plague. She was being very friendly, she was not really tying to mention it either, if she even knew about it; but she kept dropping subtle hints, so she must have known something.

We spent the rest of my lunch talking about her family, my family, how much she liked working as a babysitter for my sister; I was shocked how much freedom my parents actually gave her, but she seems to be doing a good job taking care of my sister. We ended the conversation with me talking about where I was going to school, what I did at school, she even wanted to know where I worked at night and how much I liked it.

I looked up at her sexy body that I was not trying to stare at, but it was so damn hard not to, it was even making me hard again, but I was trying my best to suppress the idea of her naked. I did pretty good, it wasn’t that difficult with all these questions about life that she was asking me. She appeared to be into me more then I would have figured.

I got up, sat my plate in the sink, washed it off with water and threw my empty pop can in the recycling bin. Just as looked up at her and said, “well I got to be going back to school,” I hear in the baby monitor that my sister was waking up.

She walked with me to the door, the stairs that go to the second floor are right next to the front door. As I’m opening the door she puts her hand on my arm, got my attention and said, “hey, do you think I can get your number just in case I need help during the day.”

I think she likes me, maybe she actually needs help with my sister. I’m a lot closer to home than my parents are. I don’t really know her intentions, but either way you look at it I got her phone number, hopefully…if she ever calls or texts me.


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