Washington and Me

kpzUSSo, the last post I made, at this moment in time got 7 likes, and even one comment. So something must have been interesting about it. I even got a few followers. A few days ago I was sitting here, or there; wherever I was at the time. I was looking though my followers and noticed some girl following me, and being a guy I couldn’t stop myself from thinking, “damn that chick is hot.” For the followers I do have, thank you for thinking I talk about shit that you seem to care about.

Maybe people just like when I talk to myself, which I’m kinda doing now. I never got 7 likes on a post before…I think. I don’t even know what to type/talk about; I’m just kinda filling down time at work by talking about whatever I guess.

I do feel bad that I’m sitting here at work, in my office listening to Metallica and staring at three computer monitors, the three monitors are all hooked up to the same computer, but the fact that I’m  getting paid for doing nothing remains true.

That doesn’t make me a good employee, but it’s not like I’m not trying to work. I don’t have any parts to model in Solidworks or any parts that are coming back to me to dimensionally inspect.

So, where was I? I just went on a smoke break to bullshit with coworkers for a few. But I’m going to stop talking about work, because if I say too much I might get fired; I doubt it, but better to be safe than sorry I guess.

See, I’m kinda lost I don’t know what to talk about. “Ohhhhh System of a Down is playing now.” I kinda like this song man, if you listen to something catchy you grow to like it. Anyhow…stuff is cool and shit.

Sorry if I sound random, hey look it’s an elephant.

Or make any grammar errors. If you wnat too clal me stpiud beacsue I’m tpying lkie this be my guest. If you think I’m an idiot..I guess it is what it is.

I got made fun of so much back in the day that I don’t really care what someone else might think. I learned the hard way that trying to fit in or prove to someone else you’re not who they think you are is a waste of your time. Life is about you, not them. I’m not trying to make that sound like I don’t care about people, because I do; all I guess I’m trying to say is, people who don’t like you don’t like you, it’s a waste of time to fit in somewhere that you don’t belong.

The funny thing about that which I didn’t find out until high school was if you stop trying to fit in, the people you fit with will find you.

In Nebraska I was made fun of my 30 people, every day. In high school and even after graduation I was the popular outcast. It was cool to me, I never been that popular. I went from having 6 friends and 30 bullies to a kid with about 40 friends and 0 bullies. It was awesome, might not seem like 40 friends was that much, but considering where I came from it was like stepping from  a black and white television show into a colored one.

That the main reason I love Washington State so much. I might live in Nebraska again, but I definitely do not call it home anymore.   After living in Nebraska for a while, after being gone for 15 years, I came to understand how much this state sucks.

And the majority of my friends are in Washington State, the western side of it. If you have never been to Washington State you got to understand the eastern side of the state is vastly different than the western side. It’s like going from a rainy forest at an elevation close to sea level to a dessert that is about 2,000 feet higher.

And I had a 14,410 foot tall peak in my backyard, how cool is that?

I miss trees man; I didn’t think I’d miss evergreen tress so much. After visiting the Tacoma area last Christmas I realized a few things: Jack in the Box is the best fast food joint ever, mainly because Nebraska doesn’t have a single one anywhere in the state; and you can order breakfast food at 6:00pm if you feel like doing so.

I miss mountains too. Nebraska is flat, well like 50 foot elevation changes here and there but it’s not like you’re descending a 400 foot hill every morning on your way to work.

Man, I was 14 years old in 1998 when I moved to the Pacific Northwest; I was 30, maybe 29, when I moved back to the Mid-West. You know, those years when people figure out where they stand on politics and religion. I went from Liberal country back to Republican country.

I even know a lot of republicans from Western Washington, but that state is generally more progressive than that of Nebraska.

I miss that state man.

I don’t really know what else to say, so I guess I’m going to go find something to do. Until next time, same blond hair, same disabled channel.


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