The Lady in the Parking Lot


My girlfriend and I just moved out of my parents house, my dad just quit his job and moved back to Washington State because he didn’t see his job going anywhere fast, and his place of employment never hired me, which was promised to my dad and I; that was the whole reason why I moved back to Nebraska in the first place.

We lived in our own place again; it was nice to do whatever we wanted without worrying about parents. I can’t remember how long we have lived here, must have been about four months of so. It was a cloudy day, not to hot but not too cold. Typical Western Washington weather without the rain, unlike Washington it was really windy that day. At this point in time I did not have a job and decided to go for a pointless drive after cleaning up around the house.

I just got a new car; I saw this as good of an excuse as any to drive my new car for no reason in particular. I upgraded for a 2006 Kia Spetra5 that was painted black to a 2013 Hyundai Elantra that was painted red.

I made the decision to drive down the highway and stop in at Hy-Vee, which is a grocery store in town, I think I was going to go buy a fifth of whiskey, an energy drink, and a pack of cigarettes.  I pull up in the parking lot and park in one of the disabled parking spaces, reach my hand over and rotate the keys turning the car off and pulling up the emergency break.

I reach down and grab my disabled parking pass that I keep in the side of my driver’s door and with a quick movement of one hand I slap the parking pass onto my rear view mirror. I then reach down and pop my truck at the same time I’m trying to open the door using my elbow to slowly push the door away from the car.

I keep my flat red manual wheelchair with some 3 spoke aluminum rims in my truck. Every time I put my chair inside of or take it out of my trunk. I put both wheels on the rigid frame, pull up the back of the seat and put on my “asspad.”

I get out of my car and use the side of my car to assist me with the task of walking towards the back of my car. I’m doing my normal thing, taking my wheelchair out of the car piece by piece and re-assembling them. Every now and then someone, usually men, come up and ask, “do you need any help.” I understand that you are trying to help and it was nice of you to ask but I always say, “no, I’m good, thank you though.”

First of all, if I needed help doing that than wouldn’t that mean I needed help every time I went somewhere? If I needed help wouldn’t you think I would have someone with me to help? I’m sorry, handicapped people go places to. I know they are just trying to be nice, but really dude; this is not my first or last trip to the rodeo.

Second of all, I have a system in place. If you fuck up that system it fucks up my whole day. You take away what I’m using to stand up while lifting a wheel less frame. Then you’re in my way, and I need to try to figure out how to move and or stand when something new enters my environment.

But that is not what this story is about, that question doesn’t even bother me that much. However I do find it pretty funny when people assume my fiance is being an asshole because she is not helping me.

At this point the frame of my wheelchair is in front of me laying in the parking lot with one wheel connected. One of my other wheels is lifted up by my hand while the other side of the wheel is still rested on the floor of my trunk along with the pad that I sit on.

I’m doing my thing, not really paying attention to much, every now and then I look up to be a natural observer of people. The next thing I know is this old lady is walking by me and as she looks at me she opens her mouth without thinking. “You’re a brave man for being out of the house by yourself!”

Really lady, do you think all handicapped just say at home when we have no help from anyone? I don’t know anything else to say about this.

If I had no form of a personal filter I would have said, “you’re pretty brave too, I guess old people can be active too; look at you, all able to walk with a walker by yourself”



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