The New Direction

I’m sitting here tonight, staring at a picture of me when I must have been three years old, I’m also listening to the newest Eminem album.

I had an idea based on a documentary I was watching awhile ago, like 30 minutes ago.

If I can do anything with this blog it would be to affect those who have or even those who do not have a disability, a physical disability in my case. I have to edit this blog, I deleted a few posts; I even kept some of them, to give people an idea of where I was before I got this idea. I still got a lot of editing to do, but I got to go to bed soon; so I can only do so much.

I will attempt to post everyday. Might be short, might be long. Might be something I’m thinking, something that happened to me that day, or my thoughts on how my disability has affected me in the past (or even the present)

So…I got to go to sleep, I got a future wife that is waiting for me in bed; and a job to go to tomorrow .Which as a person with a physical disability are both hard things to find, at least it was for me.

Once again for those of who know, I’m just saying the same shit over again, for the one of two people who might read this. I was born in 1983 with a rare physical disability known as Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.

I’ll write something tomorrow, how entertaining it is to you is yet to be seen. But hopefully I can affect someone.


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