Personal Reflection

“Daniel, stop it!” Those words were being shouted in my right ear as I was trying to prove a point that didn’t even have a clear understanding. All I did was make myself look like an asshole to everyone that was watching.

“Stop it” those words were ringing all around the interior of the car while the child inside of me kept saying, “No man, don’t listen to her; you got a point to prove God dammit.”

I lived in Nebraska for two years this coming June. This state seems be filled with inpatient assholes that love racing each other to the next red light. Were the fuck are these people going? Why the fuck are you trying to drive nowhere in a hurry?

I was sitting in my car outside of Walgreen’s thinking to myself, “why did you do that,” “you didn’t even prove a point,” “you just looked like an asshole,” “and you hate assholes.”

While my future wife was getting cash back I made a decision to get out of the driver’s seat and move over to the passenger side of the car.

About an half hour ago we were on the way to the movie theater. We were going to watch a movie. The whole length of the road I was on this blue Jeep was behind me. He was pissing me off, he was tailing me the whole time; because you know…50mph in a 45mph zone ain’t fast enough for his ass.

We both are turning right onto another street, he is still behind me. Right before the turn was completed I could see just what I thought was going to happen. I turn into the inside right lane, in my rear view mirror I can see he is turning into the outside right lane. He was going to pass me, because he has something very important to do…apparently.

In front of me in the other lane I see a black car, going about the same speed as the limit. This blue Jeep behind me was going to pass me just to switch lanes to pass this black car just to switch lanes again to get in a turn lane to go into a shopping center. Because we all know that shit is so God damn important.

It’s so important that we can’t wait 10 fucking seconds.

My foot presses down the gas pedal, “I’ll speed up to this black car and slow down, then he can’t pass me.” Why I was thinking that would prove a point to him I don’t fucking know. I wasting my time and looked like an asshole in the process.

I know why I did it, but it didn’t even do anything. So…if I could redo it, I’d just let his impatient ass pass me.

I didn’t have to be an asshole to prove that he was an asshole. All I did was end up going 75 in a 35 while he flipped me off.


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