Blinded by Infomation


Let me start this off by saying the issue of same-sex marriage is not about what you think God said, it’s about equality.

As some of you might know, I consider myself to be an Atheist; I hope that doesn’t make you think I’m approaching this topic as someone who wants to pass gay marriage because I do not believe in a higher power.

Let’s take any issue of religion out of this, because you know what? We should when it comes to legal issues. The First Amendment. In case you don’t know:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

So I, or anyone else, can not stop you from practicing whatever religion you identify with. I don’t care how religious you consider yourself to be. Prayer and sing worship until your blew in the face, if it makes you happy who am I to tell you how you can or can not be happy.

However religion does or should not have any deciding factor in what laws we pass. Therefore by not passing same-sex marriage you are also suppressing human rights to a certain section of the human population. That’s just not right.

I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind. If your dead set on what you think nothing can be done to change it. I just need to get this off my chest.

I have a cousin.

I was born in Nebraska by the way.

So I have this cousin who is about 11 to 12 years older than me. He didn’t use to be that religious, after spending time in federal prison he turned into a very religious man. And you know what, that is fucking cool, whatever floats his boat.

It’s also Nebraska, so there is a high chance that he is a republican…and he is. His wife that he married a few years after he was put back into society is in the same political party.

His wife, and him, added me to Facebook, and after awhile I removed both of them from my feed so I didn’t see the bullshit they speak about.

As much as I say you can do whatever makes you happy, I too am hardheaded. It’s hard for me not to judge them because they think God, guns, the Bible, and the law all go hand in hand.

First of all I set my whole, or a good 90%, of my family as restricted; that way they can not see my posts.

Nebraska…the issue of passing same-sex marriage has finally came up in this state. When I talk about this on Facebook none of my friends really care; not because they don’t agree with me, but the vast majority of them are from Washington State, “So, what’s the big deal,” because Washington already passed that law.

If you follow this issue you already know the timeline and what the governor of Nebraska said about our judge…blah blah blah

For some reason one of her posts that are not supposed to pop up on my newsfeed appeared out of nowhere.

She does what she always does. On a side note her favorite news outlet is Fox News, if that tells you anything about her.

She posted a picture of what our governor said:


May I mention that 70% vote is also from 15 years ago.

And she said, “So happy we have a governor that is going to fight! A governor that will fight for God’s will.”

I just had to…You being against gay marriage is one thing, but telling me a political figure fights for God’s will… it pissed me off.

After I responded by saying, “sorry but this is not a matter of sin and whatever religion he calls himself. This should be about equal rights. Denying a man the rights to his close partner property because the other man is sick or dead but allowing a women to live in a man’s house after he dies does not sound very equal to me.” A very long debate with stupid people took place.

A guy, who I guess I’m related to by marriage, was the first to respond with the famous and beyond funny rebuttal of telling me that this was just opening a gateway for people to marry their animals.

Of course I had to respond with sarcasm, “you’re totally right man, there is nothing I want more in life than to marry my cat; because you know when I pass away I want my cat to have legal access to my bank account.”

He was okay, even though his argument was based on religion. He didn’t call me stupid, although I have a feeling that’s what he thought.

After I got him to admit this issue was not about sex, it was about rights. He came back with, “what about a will.” And that is just not the same, It just isn’t.

I ended it by saying, as I was thinking about how idiotic some of my family can be, “whatever makes you happy.” I said it like I was also saying, “fuck it, I’m done with this.”

Just as I think the pointless debate is over someone who I don’t even know popped up like a zit that you can’t get rid of.

After her coming in to tell me that Civil Unions give same-sex couples the same rights as marriage… I…

Civil Unions are not the same, they have rights…yes, but only some of them. And after finding a link, to a creditable website, that explained the difference between the two she proceeded to tell me that I could find anything on the internet. Yes, yes you can; that’s why I was particularly careful what website it came from.

I was mad, I didn’t want to talk to her. I had to go take a shower anyways. While I’m standing in the shower with soap all over my naked body my little devil on my shoulder kept bothering me. “You know what you should say?” “You know she is wrong.” “You need to totally say this.”

Before I got it the shower she told me that marriage was a privilege.

I sat back down on my bed and opened the Facebook app on my phone, went to this conversation thread and said, “is a privilege the same as a law?” And just as I expected she said, “no it isn’t.”

I then asked (I was trying to act like she was teaching me a lesson; like I was on her side). “And marriage is a privilege?” Once again she did what I was hoping…kind of, she said, “it’s a privilege to have a good paying job, it’s not a law that you have to have one. It’s a privilege to have kids, it’s not a law you have to have them. It’s a privilege to have good friends, it’s not a law you have to have them.”

At this point I was thinking, “how stupid are you? Fuck man. I’m not asking what a privilege is”, or even a law for that matter of the fact. But I don’t really blame her for going off on the tangent, however this was not my line of questioning.

So I ask again, “is marriage a privilege”? Just like I hoped she said yes.

The whole idea behind this basic line of questioning was so I could say what I said next, “so your telling me I can marry my fiancé tomorrow and we don’t need a marriage license”?

She then told me that I needed a marriage licence due to state laws. She said it! But she didn’t seem to understand. I asked, “What? State laws. What was that word you used”?

Shit kinda went off the rails and this point. She went off on a tangent about how you need to get a licence for a civil union too, “so that is protected by law too.” I’m smiling with anger, all she is doing is helping to prove my point while making herself look like an idiot blinded by secondhand information.

I didn’t even address this issue. She was fast to go onto another tangent, this time shr was telling me that a law was something you had to follow. Shit like not speeding, or paying taxes.

After this little tangent she went on that only proved to me how fucking stupid she was I continue by saying, “so let me get this straight. Is marriage a law or a privilege?”

She then goes off to tell me that a marriage is not a law because you do not need to get married, you are not forced to. Yes, in your second grader knowledge I guess I can agree with you. May I mention this women looks like she is 55 years old.

She just wasn’t getting it. My whole point was to blast the first amendment. But she didn’t even fall into my trap, maybe she planned it that way. She didn’t even agree that getting a license that was bound by the courts and is therefore a legal proceeding is also known as a law.

Just because something is the law doesn’t mean you are or are not required to follow it.

So just in case someone was reading this debate and did happen to silently fall into my trap or agree with me I left the First Amendment anyways.

I wasn’t making any type of personal impact. I was getting tired of her trying to tell me that a circle had corners. That part that make it better was this girl, who I guess I’m related to also, came in to the conversation and told me that she didn’t think I understood anything and she agreed with the other lady.

I already think this other girl is stupid based on a previous conversation that was a lot shorter and had nothing to do with politics or religion.

I ended after they said, “Look here is the thing Daniel: marriage has been’ since the beginning of time, a sacrament between a man and women, and yes in order to have that privilege of marriage to make it legally binding you have to have a marriage license, but because a license is required if you choose to be married doesn’t make marriage a law.”

I was done, she was an fucking idiot and I was tired of talking to a wall, so I just left.

Just remember, this is not an issue of your religion; this is an issue of equal rights. I don’t even think I need to tell you that marriage may not be a law you can break, but it is a law nonetheless.

That being said, a law is not bound by your religion. If you think it is than I guess I won’t change your mind either.

Equal rights people, it’s not about sex, it’s not about your religion. Equal rights…think about it.


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