A Pissed Off Mom.


Do you always stare at something unknown? Do you stare at things you want to know?

Growing up with a physical disability that got and continues to get worse over time you kind of have to learn how to get used to the whole idea of people looking at you, and kids….kids just fucking stare like you are not aware of anything going on around you.

Because we are in a wheelchair, so we must be retarded, right?

Kids man… I understand they are just curious and mean no harm, they just want to know why I’m different. Or maybe its just because I’m so damn cool.

No matter how many times I tell myself the following, it does not make it any better. Even now of days, at 30 I still see kids staring at me, and it still bothers me.

Maybe some of you women can relate to this, because even thought I have a girlfriend… a thick bubble butt on some chick is hard not to stare at. I’ve heard girls have eyes in the back of their head, does it really make you feel better to know I’m looking at your ass as you’re walking the other way. Or does it bother you?

Kids staring at me in a wheelchair is like me and women’s asses as they walk by at the store. However the thought process is totally different.

If my girlfriend ever reads this, I’ll start getting smacked every time we go to the store and my eyes start wondering. Or, maybe she already knows and says what she means, “it’s okay to think another girl is attractive.” Who would have thought, a girl who means what she says!

Anyways…onto my story about two wheelchairs at the mall.

I got another post coming up talking about this, but I had three wheelchairs and I’m currently on my forth. But at this time I only had three, I will mention this in an upcoming post. All you need to know for now is that I had three wheelchairs.

Every now and again my friend Jason would come over to my house, before either of us had a car. And we would go on adventures around the neighborhood, sometimes we even went outside of the neighborhood.

In our adventures I would usually let him use one of my wheelchairs. Two people going all over the neighborhood, one of us actually needing a wheelchair. Every now and then Jason would freak out people just by walking, I got to admit it was pretty funny.

Then after we took the possession of vehicles and were actually able to go more than a mile in each direction, we were now able to go anywhere in town–or the massive towns all connected to each other.

On day we went to the mall. Even though we had cars, the notion of letting him ride in one of my wheelchair did not stop.

We were two kids, old kids, hanging around the mall and racing wheelchairs. We were eventually told to stop because we can sue the mall blah blah blah

So we then decided to go into Gamestop to look at stuff and…getting inside with one wheelchair-while A.D.A compliant-it is still a tight fit. Then when you got two wheelchairs, at the same time, trying to go into this store…

I let Jason in first, after he was in he was looking at some stuff saying, “check this out Daniel.”

While this was going on I let some little kid walk past me, he was not looking where he was going. He was only looking at me.

“Hold up man, I’m letting this kid stare at me, because none of us know what people in wheelchairs look like.”

You ever see a movie where a guy driving a car runs into something because he is looking at some girls ass? Well, I was the girl’s ass-in this case-and he was the guy driving the car.

All of a sudden his mom turned around and came up to me giving me an earful about why it is okay for her son to stare at me like I was a naked porn star walking through the mall.

“He’s just curious.” “He is a little boy.” So on and so forth for about a minute.

If I wanted to start some shit I would have been like, “look lady, I was made fun of by thirty…thirty…people everyday because of the fact that I’m disabled, and you’re trying to tell me that it didn’t hurt because we were young?”

She got done telling me that her son can’t do anything wrong-at this point everyone is Gamestop is looking at this lady yell at some guy, me, in a wheelchair-Jason and I just called her as bitch as she walked away.

We went on carrying about our normal business.

Does my story have a point? I don’t know. Will you find it entertaining? I hope so.




2 thoughts on “A Pissed Off Mom.”

  1. Liked your analogies, porn star… 😉
    Well, I’ll be blunt and say I could have been in a wheelchair, but I’m not… not to have that in my favor. Just to say I can understand the “stare” issue anyway. I’m glad you’ve been able to take it lightly.

    Kids just don’t know any better, but it’s not like their minds are locked away in a void. They certainly know they’re seeing something different. It’s up to the mom (or anyone looking after them) to tell their kids that staring at someone does have a limit. When they keep doing it, I tell them, non-verbally somehow: “okay, you’re done now, carry on”.

    I’ve been able to get away with it. I guess I just have this “policy” that people I don’t know too well need to look me in the eye. Which is… strange, because Latin America encourages the opposite: “1. I look at what I look and whatever” and “2. Head down when authority speaks”

    I don’t believe in any of that ^^^^ and I’ve gotten the backlash sometimes for it. The irony is that I don’t make a lot of eye contact, but it’s mostly a habit of drifting off and I like the sound of my words, so I tell people to cut me some slack unless they want me to seriously stare at them all the time.

    Eh, point being, staring can be an issue and most people resort to euphemisms, like, it’s only curiosity. It’s part of it, but not all of it. :3

  2. Hey, found this story funny. I too have had kids stare at me my whole life… I just stared em down til they blinked or looked away. Needless to say, over the years I’ve gotten very very good at staring contests. Anyways, check out my blog and I look forward to reading more of yours.

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