Missing in Action


I never ever….ever….ever, thought I would be reading books. I always said that I hated reading.

When growing up in school, you always got to read books that you don’t want to.

I got to admit, To Kill a Mockingbird was a good book, but I still didn’t want to read it. Because of that, the Movie was a lot better.

The funny thing about that book is we were forced to read it in eight grade – when I still lived in Nebraska. Then I had to read it again when I was a sophomore in high school – in Washington State.

And my brain….well, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I start talking about running bulls in mexico or some totally unrelated random thought.

That being said, if I had to read a book that I didn’t want to… I’d sit there thinking about the process of running around in a circle or something else totally random and not even comprehend what I was reading.

Like my eyes were doing all the movements of reading one word after the other, but my brain would just read it in silence while I was daydreaming about something totally different.

I feel like that is the reason my wording goes off into — hey look at that over there.

See…I’m totally singing along with Tom Petty’s song Breakdown belting out the words, “it’s alright if you love me, it’s alright if you don’t, I’m not afraid of you running away honey  I get the feeling you wont.” And… I totally forgot what I was talking about.

Then Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones came on after jamming out to Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles.

So…If I don’t really finish a thought before moving onto the next part — and… that is why I don’t like to read.

Anyhow, I starting reading as you might know based on the picture above.

I’m surprised that I didn’t start reading when I lived 50 miles south of Seattle. That is something people in the Pacific Northwest do… sit at one coffee shop reading a book while looking up every now and then to drink their coffee staring at the exact same coffee shop on the other side of the street.

Ever since I started this blog it kinda put me in the mood to write, and therefore read.

Then I found out that Robert Kirkman – the creator of The Walking Dead graphic novels as well as an executive producer of the hit TV series, of the same name – teamed up with Jay Bonansinga.

The two of them are making a fifth novel that takes place in The Walking Dead Universe.

I got the first four books, and so far I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes I got to read the same shit over again, to make sure I fully understand it. Sometimes when I’m reading I’ll drift off into another thought and just continue reading a bunch of words that are not making sense, like I’m reading a foreign language.

However I never tend to read more than one paragraph before I reverse and re-read.

I’m currently ten chapters into the first book called Rise of the Governor. I was kinda worried to read it, however the books are different then the show, and the comic books are even different, from what I understand – I never delved in the graphic novels.

You get a glimpse into Phillip’s life, before he became the Governor of Woodbury. Hell, Penny is even alive…but for how long? How does she die? It has me interested.

Because of the book I’ve been reading, I feel like I’ve been getting better at the whole comparing things to other things, as well as my basic writing ability.

I’m going to test that out in an upcoming post, a little short story about me and how I could have lost my hand, I’m going to try to refer to myself in the third person, kinda like I’m not the one telling it.

I also came to see that using words like ‘PFFFFFAAAPP’ to explain a noise is not a bad thing to do. And you can use the word and at the beginning of a sentence.

As long as the reader can understand what they are reading. But at the same time you might want to stay away from writing the following, “yo dawg im up n dis piece an Ill b ova in a grip 2 get all up n her pussy,” then you just sound stupid.

Even thought someone might be able to read it, you will not seem very educated.

Anyhow… I ordered four books, all hardback, and all of them The Walking Dead. Rise of the Governor is the first of the series, it is then followed by The Road to Woodbury. The last two are divided into two books called The Fall of the Governor Part 1 and 2.

The fifth book called Decent comes out on October 14th, 2014. So far I’m enough into it that I don’t see why I will not get the fifth one.

And….that is why I’ve been gone for a while, and might continue to be for a while. Then at some point I’m moving, and during that time I won’t have the internet for a while.


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