The Story That Doesn’t Change.

black butte

Do people who read my post think is stupid?

Something has been on my mind lately, in an effort to tell you about this problem I’m going to write a story about my friend coming over to hang out before I left the Pacific Northwest and moved to the middle of the county.

I’m pretty good at grammar, but when I get into a story I often mess up in a few places. I often go back to read my own posts, and always find something wrong with it. So I’m going to leave this post as is, I’m not going to edit it after I publish it.

Other then running a basic spell check, I’m just going to leave the story as is. Many of you will be able to read the story without a problem.

Mianly bceuase poelpe can raed tihs to.

Some people won’t even catch two of the the same word in a sentence.

Your brain compensates without even knowing it. However many of my posts have words that don’t fit or even a word that does not have a ‘s’ on the end of it when it should be.

My girlfriend just graduated from college and went down to Oregon to spend some time with friends and family before moving with me to Nebraska.

I had the apartment to myself for about a week or two, which was cool. I love my girlfriend, and love spending time with her, however it was nice to be by myself while doing whatever I want to do.

I still kept the house clean, but didn’t feel rushed to do anything under a certain amount of time. At the time one of my best friends lived in Colorado so I called one of my other friends and said, “dude, you should totally come over before you can’t.”

The first thing he said was, “do you got some beer?” I assured him that I did but said “you might want to get some on your way over though.”

My girlfriend got of some leather couches on Craigslist and got a coffee table from Ikea. I don’t think we spent more than $100 to furnish our family room.

That being said our couch was not the best, but was in good shape for what it was.

She was raised different then I was, she doesn’t just sit there with the TV on for no reason. I don’t do it as much as I used to, but TV was very important to me.

I was raised in a house with the TV on all the time, rather it was being watched or not. So I grew into a habit of having the TV on all the time just to feel like I wasn’t the only one home.

I even go to bed with the fan on regardless of what time of the year it is, sometimes the fan even faces the wall to keep from blowing on me. If I don’t got noise, I can’t really stand it.

As I’m sitting here writing this post I’m listening to Schoolboy Q’s album Oxymoron.

That being said, we didn’t get cable TV, I just got Netflix and watched that instead.

It was a nice day in Washington, about a year ago now that I think about it. It was not raining and the sun was out while it was about 70 degrees outside.

My back door was open so I was sitting there on the couch watching some show while the birds were chirping and crickets and frogs were making their noises.

About an hour after getting off of the phone with Dmitry he knocked on my door and said, “what up bro.” And wanting to talk to him before we sat down on the couch we went outside on my back balcony to smoke a cigarette.

As soon as we got back inside he saw what kind of beer I had and said, ‘oh that shit, you drink that shit? That’s nasty bro.”

I set down and grab my beer that was about half-way finished at this point ans said, “yea man, it kinda tastes like chocolate.”

I was drinking Black Butte which is a porter from the Deschutes Brewery out of Portland, Oregon.

I’m more of a light beer type of guy, but if it is filtered it tends to give me more heartburn afterwards. I have a thing for porters and stouts, pretty much after getting Men’s Room Black from Seattle that only comes out for a limited release once a year, around Christmas time.

My go to beer is usually Blue Moon, its heavy enough to cut down on the heartburn, but remains one of the beers that I can chug.

He brought a 12 pack of Heineken with him. Even though he said that Black Butte was nasty he kept asking for one after the other helping me empty that 12 pack before we even started drinking the Heineken.

I even had a small plastic bottle of Southern Comfort that he help me finish to, he even said that was nasty to. It was really funny to me that he kept telling me he wasn’t going to drink that because it was nasty, but kept helping me to finish it.

He is one of the most gullible people I have even known. At some point I was over hanging out with him at his sister’s house smoking pot and he was watching a bunch of dumb shit on YouTube using his sister Apple iPad.

I showed him the Bad Lip Reading videos, watching and listening him to him laugh is awesome, always a good time to be had. He then went onto look up this video of like these human bones that made a human 20 feet tall.

He totally believed in, as interesting as it was, he differently believed it. I couldn’t help but look at him and him and shake my head while saying, “oh my god dude.”

A few years before this we were hanging out in his car and he said, “dude if you ever go to Mexico watch out bro.” I then said, “why man, whats up with Mexico.”

In all seriousness he said “the chupacabra bro.” He said this with everything he had, like he actually believed it.

After listening to him for a while I said, “what channel was this on?”

He told me what I was thinking, he watched it on Sci-fi, and I just said, “dude, half or more than half of the shit on the channel is totally fabricated, it’s not true, even if it was, that particular story isn’t.”

Back to my story now.

As we were drinking beer and taking shots of the tiny bit of Southern Comfort that I had left we were watching YouTube on my TV. I had the Nintendo Wii hooked up to the main TV, and that allowed us to watch YouTube on the TV.

Being that he was born in Russia he is into watching shit from Russia. I found out about this drug is Russia that like Heroin mixed with some dangerous chemical, that you can buy at the store, and overtime it turns you face, arm, or leg into like a zombie arm is the best way to explain it.

I don’t know if I believed it, but it was interesting to get a glimpse into Russia’s political system.

Then we moved onto watching a cartoon from Russia with a Fox and some other type of animal. While I’m sitting there drinking some beer and watching a poorly animated cartoon that I can’t even understand Dmitry is sitting next to me and is laughing.

He can understand everything that is being said, he just cant read the Russian language.

That being said its kinda weird to go over to his parents. They rarely speak English in that house. He mom has a think Russian accent, but can speak English, so at least I can understand her.

I never talked to his dad on the other hand, apparently he hates learning new languages. Which doesn’t really make sense to me, but whatever man.

Dmitry on the other hand, you didn’t know he had an accent until he said the word baseball.

So he is sitting next to me laughing his ass off, and based on the picture I got an idea of what was going on, but I didn’t understand it. As I get up to go outside and smoke Dmitry says, “it’s like Russia’s Tom and Jerry dawg, I grew up on this shit.”

They were not in Russia, he was born in a small and poor country outside of Russia. USSR at the time. He moved right before the USSR fell, or after it, one of the two; in the early 90’s.

After smoking we came back inside to watched “stupid shit” from Russia, like car crashes, police beating people up, so on and so forth, just the normal compilation of dumb stuff. Some of it was funny.

The rest of the night was about the same, he crashed on my couch that night. It is one thing that I would go back to if I had the chance to go back in time.

He is by far one of my best friends and……….I miss those times of doing nothing.

There we go….a story that is not going to be edited, just to prove a point, I hope.

Knowing my luck there will be no errors in this story, but I’m guessing there will be.

I just, I’m worried that people think I’m less intelligent because when I get into the flow of writing I make a lot of mistakes. I’m hoping that does not take away from the entertainment of said story.


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