Saying Nothing Saved Me Money




One day while I was at lunch I got pulled over by two police officers. I ended up sitting in my car and thinking, “just shut up, you can win this if you just shut up.”

I was going though the reader this morning, and for once I have 3 ideas of what to write about, other than Kirk’s story or something about Nebraska and Washington.

I ran across this post and think I have a good idea of what to write about. The original post is called Fight the Power – no I’m not going to tell you about 1980’s hip-hop – other than my other post named ‘I Could Have Been Rich,’ I got another story that you might find interesting.

I was sitting there at work doing my thing, if I remember correctly I was in the process of training my replacement before I became a machinist.

11:15 came around and it was time for lunch, we only had a 30 minute break for lunch. 30 minutes in not as long as it seems. I started gaining a lot of unhealthy weight while I had a job. I leaned how to eat in 5 minutes or less.

I worked in Auburn, Washington. By the time I got to my car and then got into my car, I only had about 28 minutes or so to go get food and get back to work.

This particular day I went to Taco Bell, it took me about 5 minutes to get there. Which is not that bad, but when you account for the fact that it took some time to wait in the drive-thru line and then getting back to work took some more time, it took about 15 minutes just to get back to work.

On a normal basis that only gave me 10 minutes or so to eat and relax for a few minutes while I smoked a cigarette.

At some point I stated parking my wheelchair in the parking lot, right next to the handicapped parking spot, just to save myself some time.

You have no idea – well maybe you do – but it takes some time to fold up and put in, just to turn around to unfold and take-out a wheelchair from your trunk.

On this day in question I never even got back to work in time, and the fact that two cops pulled me over didn’t look good for any employee that passed me on the way back to work.

I figured going over one street would have saved me some time due to the fact that this other road didn’t have another 4 way intersection with lights on it.

I’m about to turn left onto the main road while sitting in the turn lane behind four other cars waiting for the red light to turn to a green arrow. While I’m sitting there banging my hands on the steering wheel while listening to music the other light turns green.

I turn my wheel to the right and switch lanes while stepping on the gas to go over to the next road that runs parallel to the busy street that I was about to turn left on.

As my car is speeding thought the intersection I’m looking in front of me at another 4-way intersection, but it is a 4-way stop. I had to get into the center lane again before I could turn left. There was only one car to the right of me when I pulled up to the intersection with my windows down and blaring music.

After this car turned left and was on the other side of me I went to start my turn to get back onto the street that leads back to work. As I’m driving I looked in my rearview mirror and said, “oh god dammit you motherfuckers, I got to fucking go back to work, I don’t got time for this shit.”

I pulled over and was turning down the stereo while one cop gets off of a motorcycle and walks up to my drivers window and another cop in a Crown Victoria parks behind me and walks up to the other side of my car and ends up looking at me from the passenger side window.

The officer on my driver’s side must have been training this other officer. He goes onto ask me the typical, “do you know why I pulled you over.” As I was lifting my butt up to grab my wallet I said, “because I was speeding.”

I now sit back down holding my wallet in my hands as he goes onto show me the radar gun that has the number 35 on it. I was going 35 in a 25, but he tried to tell me I was going 36. Even if I was, the proof that you have says otherwise.

At that point I knew the cop was an asshole and by hearing me talk slower than most people he was hoping I was stupid.

He then asked for license, registration, and insurance – like all cops do. I’m now learning over to my left and reaching into my glove box and grabbed my registration.

I sit back up and hand him the registration. As I’m opening my wallet he said, “okay, where is the other stuff?” 

As I’m flipping thought all the cards in my wallet I said, “hang on, I’m getting it.”

I then slide out the insurance card before I slide my license out from behind the clear window and he goes onto ask me, “do you even have them?”

I go onto stay silent as I’m holding onto my insurance card that is behind my wallet now and continue to slide my license out. I then go onto put one behind the other and hand both of them to the officer.

He is standing there for a while and said, “can I have that other license to?” I go onto ask, “why do you need that one.” 

This whole time I’m thinking to myself, “whatever bro, that one expired a year ago.” He comes back to say, “it’s against the law to have more than one license on your persons.” That’s all well and good, but an expired license is therefore not a legal document.

I stay silent and just gave him the expired license and watched both of them walk back to the car to run my information.

This whole process took a good 5 to 10 minutes. I’m now starting as they sit in the cop car behind me while they run my information and talk to each other.

This whole time I’m thinking, “I’m going to be so late back to work, and I still got to eat.” While they are doing their thing I just go onto eat.

As he is walking back to my car I’m eating my second burrito. He gets up to my window after about 15 minutes go by as I was almost finished with my second burrito.

He asks me, “why are you eating?” It’s not against the law to eat, so I did. I said “I’m going to be late back to work and I got to eat, so I did.”

He is then telling all the typical cop stuff while I’m signing a ticket for $420.00. He gave me three citations. Speeding at 36 mph, having two valid driver licenses, and an unsigned registration.

I just don’t say anything other than, “thank you.” I went back to work.

A few days go by and I get a notice in the mail from the city of Auburn telling me that case – the ticket – was dropped.

I just saved $420.00, or I thought.

A few days later I get another ticket in the mail. How can that be legal? I saved the old ticket, I’m glad I did, because I got to compare the two. Everything was the same in both tickets, but one said, “having two valid driver’s license’s,” while the other one said, “having two driver’s license’s.” 

I chose the option to not show up to count, but to write my defense on a piece of paper.

Long and short of it is…. I was speeding, but the cop proved to me I was only going 10 over, not 11. I did not sign my registration, however most cops won’t even give you a ticket for that. I didn’t sign it, so I was not trying to get out of it.

Then I sent copies of both drivers license’s and both copies of the tickets to the Auburn courthouse. That citation was completely dropped.

The other two were cut in half to $90.00 each. I just saved $240 by paying $180, not $420.

I consider that a win.

If you get pulled over, the best idea is to be nice and don’t say more than you have to, that’s what court is for. If you keep talking and try to defend yourself, especially if the cop is a dickface, you’re just going to dig your hole even deeper.

If he was training the other cop, he was doing a bad job.

That day when I got back to work my supervisor knew I was going to be late, he was one of the few that passed me on their way back to work. Everyone else asked me if I was drunk at work, it’s not normal to be pulled over by two police vehicles.

Overall I saved $240 on a ticket that was trying to tell me something I didn’t do.


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