My Stoner Moment

Bill and Ted

I just totally had a stoner moment bro, it was all like spectacular and shit. No, no, man listen to this, it was crazy.

It really was not that crazy, but I ended up laughing at myself in the bathroom mirror when I realized what I was doing.

My girlfriend had the day off of work today and we went over to Redbox to rent the movie Anchorman 2. Man, I’m really glad I didn’t waste $16 on two adult movie tickets. I mean, it had its moments, but went too far in the majority of them.

The first movie was a classic, it was great; but the second is not as good, by a noticeable amount.

After the movie was over I watched Workaholics, in my opinion that show is slipping to. The only real good episode they had recently was with that guy who was kicked out of a frat, but was acting like he was still in one.

However I keep watching it. That show is 100% better when you’re stoned, just saying.

After the show got over I went into our bedroom to see what my girlfriend was up to. She was laying in bed, she has been sick lately.

She then rubs the bed as if she was saying, “lay down,” so I did what any civil boyfriend would do and went onto say, “if I lay down I’m not going to be able to get back up.”

As I’m telling her what type of stuff I’m going to go do I end up saying, “and I need water in my cup.” Being the loving girlfriend she is, she said, “you’re a big boy baby, you can go get your own water.” I was not mad at her by the way, I can get my own water, and I would prefer someone who understands that being handicapped does not make me mentally or physically incompetent.

I then go off onto a tangent, like I’m known to do from time to time, and say, “that makes it sound gangsta.” She is sliding her arm under her pillow she says, “what does?”

“Water in my cup.”

She came back and said, “No it doesn’t that just make you sound stupid.” Man, I love that girl. I love the fact that we can joke in such a way and both laugh as it’s going on, while continue to deeply love one another.

I then respond by saying, “no it totally does.” As I straighten out my back while holding onto my cup I go onto say, “see, white people are like, excuse me miss can you please get me a cup of water.”

She is kinda laughing at me like I’m stupid, but its sexy because I don’t care.

I then raise my cup of water above my head as I continue by saying, “see a true gangsta is straight up with their shit, they’re just like; hey bitch, put some water in my cup.”

She is saying, “Okay honey,” as I stand up to walk towards the bathroom with my cup of water in hand.

I’m now in the bathroom washing my hands. I didn’t even go to the bathroom, or fill up my cup of water. Why the hell was I washing my hands.

I then start laughing at myself in the mirror and then started filling my cup with water.

You ever get stoned and end up walking around your house ending up in the kitchen? Then when you get in there you end up asking yourself, “why did I come in here, what is it that I wanted?”

It was like that, I totally forgot about my cup of water and didn’t even really understand why I was washing my hands. Maybe it’s because the water was on and that seemed like the logical thing to do. Even though that is not why the water was on, it made sense to me at the time.

Then I was like, “hey, that is something I can write about.” So, there you go, I hope I made people smile.


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