The Conversation


He finally looked at me like I actually knew what I was talking about a year prior to this.

I got this idea from the Weekly Writing Challenge, so I’m going to do my best to illustrate a past conversation, that I think was very important to both parties involved.

If you go back and search though my posts you can figure out who my friend Dmitry is and story behind the story.

To save you the time if you do not feel like trying to find it I’m going to give you a very short back story.

Dmitry dated this girl who used him for everything she could. I even called him stupid when he told me that she was his fuck buddy.

I didn’t really hang out with him for a year or so, every now and again I would talk to him, but he was not on the top of my list. Not because I hated him, he is one of my best friends and has been there when no one else was; he was not on the top of my list because he needed time to run into a brick wall.

About a year or so after he told me that he was having sex with my former roommate, who moved out…..

On a side note, I’m sorry I drifted off a bit.

Heather was so mad at me because I didn’t let her use me when we did live together. When she moved out not only did she try to say that I owed her $400 dollars in rent for something that was totally fabricated, but she also tried to keep my cell phone.

I ran next door and got the manager of the complex on my side.

She was pissed that she owed me money, not the other way around. I knew I was not going to see any money from her, so I just said, “you don’t got to pay me.”

Then when she moved into the apartment above me, with her boyfriend who was 25 years older than she was. She tried to keep the cell phone that I got her.

I went up to get my phone back. I originally got her a phone so I could get in contact with who was living with me. Now she was no longer living with me, Crystal and Marcus moved in, so I ended up giving the phone to Crystal, who actually paid for it.

Heather was trying to tell me, “No, you can’t have this phone, it’s mine”. I came back and said, “No, it’s not”. She then pulled the whole, “You can’t have this phone I got important contacts and pictures on this phone.” I was quick to say, with a louder voice, “fine, keep the fucking phone just take out the memory card out and give that to me.”

She was so pissed that I didn’t let her use me, I was onto her shit before most people were. Even her 48-year-old boyfriend, who was a nice guy and all – when he was sober.

So….back to my story.

About a year or so after Dmitry told me that he was having sex with my former roommate, who moved out. I was just hanging out at my apartment on the weekend not doing anything important.

Marcus was hanging out in Seattle with his girlfriend, so I was the only one there. I just got done listening to music and doing the dishes while cleaning the rest of the house afterwards.

Now that Marcus had a new girlfriend, that gave him some type of excuse not to clean the apartment anymore. He wasn’t home, so I knew I had the time and the freedom to do so.

After cleaning the house I went to my bedroom to grab something, maybe I didn’t, but I remember walking back into the family room to sit on the couch and chill out in front of the television and get lost in some show.

My phone rang, I pulled it out of my pocket to see who was calling. The last person I expected to call me was Dmitry, but there he was. I put the phone up to my face and said, “what up man.” 

Without saying anything else the first thing he said was, “hey dawg, I’m not too far away from your house, I’m going to get some beer and come over.” Whatever, he knew that he was one of my best friends and with that came the freedom to come over whenever he wanted to.

I knew he had weed on him to, he always did, for the longest time he became that one friend that we all seem to have that was smoking pot every two hours like clockwork.

I’m sitting there and I had a pretty damn good idea why he was coming over. A few minutes after he opens my front door and yells, “whats going on bro.”

Having a good idea of why he showed up out of the blue, we went out back to smoke a cigarette and drink beer. After lighting my smoke and watching him pop off the beer cap using a lighter I said, “so what’s up dude.”

After putting his beer down on the patio he said, “you were right.”

I’m sitting there in a white plastic chair, we had a few of them on the back patio. That was a main hang out spot for people when we had parties. I’m hunched over leaning my arms on my knees with a lit cigarette in my right hand and said, “I felt that’s why you were here.”

He is now pulling his weed out of his pocket after setting his pipe on the little wooden table that we found by the dumpster and said “I should have listened to you.”

After taking another chug of beer and setting it back down I said, “but you didn’t, and no matter what I said you weren’t going to”

As he is loading the pipe he said, “I know bro, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

I was now breathing out smoke and said, “I know exactly what you were thinking”

After taking another drag off of my cigarette I continue by saying, “you were just thinking about her pussy and it blinded you to what was going on until it already happened.”

He was sitting about three to four feet in front of me and leaned forward to hand me the pipe and said, “here man, you can have the greens.” 

My smoke was only about half way done at this point and I was sitting back in the chair with the burning cigarette in my right hand and a half full bottle of beer in my the other hand, as I said, “hold up man, I only got so many hands, let me finish this cigarette.”

He puts the pipe back down on the table and said, “dude she was so good at giving head and took the whole thing, even let me cum on her face”

I looked at him and said, “that’s great man, but I don’t really care, but good for you I guess.”

Dmitry had a habit of saying too much, which is not really a bad thing, but I didn’t really want to know how good she was at sucking dick.

I then took another drink of beer and said, “you know that’s because she used to be a hooker.”

He is now taking a drink of his beer and after swallowing he goes onto say, “I know bro, I’m dumb.”

I’m now done with my cigarette and as I’m dropping it into an empty bottle of beer that was left over from the last party we had and I go onto say, “I was to dude, you’re not the only stupid one.”

As I’m reaching across from me to grab the pipe I said, “I did let her live here, even after I found out the she had a felony for crack.”

I then go onto take the fist hit off of the pipe and as I’m holding in the smoke he says, “dude, like every night we got a fifth of vodka, just because she said to”

As I’m holding the smoke in my lungs he goes onto say “we were fucked up every night.”

I’m now reaching over to give the pipe and lighter back to Dmitry and I say, “man that was not a good idea, you know how much I hate the idea of someone drinking every night.”

As the flame from the lighter is burning the marijuana on the top of the bowl and I watch Dmitry do that stereotypical fast gasp of air and not breathing out for a few seconds. I continue by saying, “you know she is on probation right? You……man that was stupid”

As he continues to hold in the smoke he goes onto say, in that typical stoner voice of trying to not breath out too much, “I know bro.”

I’m already feeling high at this point as he reaches forward to give me the pipe and lighter. I say “man, after this hit I’m done.”

He picks up his beer after I grabbed the pipe and lighter and he says, “man, come on, I can’t smoke all of this to myself.”

Before I flick the lighter, holding the pipe a few inches from my face I say, “man, you know I’m a lightweight.”

After taking hit and blowing it out after a second or two later I go onto say, “that’s your fault for loading so much.”

As Dmitry sits there and stares at with a disappointing look on his face, but at the same time knowing that I’m right, I continue to say, “man, if you want to dump that tiny bit into my bong, I’ll just smoke it later tonight.”

I’m giving the pipe back to Dmitry and use the lighter to light another cigarette as Dmitry goes onto say, “dude, I hope Heather pays me back.” 

I got a very worried look on my face as I’m blowing out some smoke.

Dmitry and I are very social smokers and tend to have our best conversations while sharing a full pack between the both of us.

Dmitry gets done taking another hit and says, “I bought her a bed”

I continue to say nothing while I pick up my beer.

He gets another smoke out of the pack and goes onto say, “for $999.99” 

After taking another drink of a new bottle that I just opened I said, “she won’t ever pay you back man.”

After taking another hit off of the pipe he says, “yea she will dude, she is going to give me $50 a mouth.” 

As I’m talking with one eye shut smoke is being blown out the side of my mouth as I say, “and you believe that?”

Nothing is said for a bit as I continue to drink my beer and Dmitry takes his last hit off of the pipe.

He eventually says, “no.”

I then go onto say, “she wont even give you one penny, just accept it as a loss man.”

Were both stoned at this point and our conversation drifts off into him talking about pool. He loves to play pool. His two favorite things to do was to work out and play pool.

He was a tall white guy with a perfect English accent that moved to America from Russia in the early 90’s. His head was shaved, he also had a tiny bit of a blond goatee, with no tattoos or piercings.

He was a pretty muscular guy who loved the UFC, at a few parties after getting drunk he would try to get in a fight with another friend. Not because he was mad at the person, but because he wanted to show them how to fight in the UFC. Even though he has never even fought in a ring of any sort.

As he is telling me about him playing pool I come to find out that she still has one of his cars.

At this point he is popping another beer open using a lighter. He hands me the beer and I go onto say, “what the hell man?”

He open another beer and says, “she needs to go to work bro.”

I take another drink of beer and don’t say anything, he knows what I’m going to say at this point, so I just sit there and grab another cigarette out of the pack.

After throwing the pack back onto the table he picks it up to grab one to and goes onto say, “I don’t care about the car anyways.”

He had two cars, one in better shape than the other.

After taking another drag I said “that’s all well and good.” Smoke is now coming out of my mouth as I continue to say, “it’s still your car though.” 

Then I had to tell him that is she ever gets pulled over, which was a strong possibility, he was going to be responsible. I pretty much told him that if he really did not want the car he needed to take his name off of the title.

I don’t think he ever did, I haven’t even see that car since that point in time.

Maybe she got arrested for Grand Theft Auto, but I doubt she would have let it stand as is, unless she was back on crack, which is a possibility.

He crashed on my couch that night and went home the following day.

It may not seem like we are that responsible, but I think that conversation was equally therapeutic for both of us.

For him because he wanted someone to talk to that was not going to laugh at him, and who actually tried to help him by hearing him out.

Also for me because I knew he was still alive and still said I was his best friend.

He even thanked me for stepping away and letting him learn the only way he could at the point.


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