Is It Worth It?



What is the point of this? Am I making any type of change, or do I just look like an idiot on the internet.

A few nights ago I stumbled onto a blog and it was very much like mine, in the field of personal stories, other than that we are two totally different people who lead two different types of life’s.

I did learn one thing, reading about a girls adventure while she is naked is interesting.

I don’t want to give out her name, but if she figures out I’m talking about her blog, it is what it is.

If you do…..I’m not attacking your blog or ideas, many of the stories I did read were interesting.

However I’m not a girl, I don’t have boobies or a vagina, no one wants to hear about me being naked, or at least I assume they don’t.

And even if I was a girl, I know men well enough to know that they all want sex. They might be a good guy, and they might even be the love of your life…but when you get down to it we all want to fuck you before we even decide that you are a cool person, if you even are.

But whatever, this post is not to explain guys to girls. I’ll just leave it on this, your pussy is like money and until we have been inside of it, we are dumb, we are dumb in the sense that a lot of us do not know the person who you are until then.

I’m not trying to make men look like assholes.

Whatever, sorry to any guy who is hanging out with some chick and she stops hanging out with you after she reads this.


I really do not think I’m that interesting of a guy. I can tell you about me being handicapped, I can even tell you about me smoking pot, I’m sure there are other things I can tell you.

But in the end, do you even care?

Am I just writing to hear myself talk? Maybe, that is kinda why I started this blog anyhow.

But I’m not that interesting of a guy, nor am I supporting any type of cause, I’m just kinda random.

and my grammar is….. in long posts I mess up every now and then because think I’m thinking before I write it down

If that make sense.

I just hope someone finds me interesting.


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