Kitty Cuddles


You know what guys! This is totally a female orientated post. But I don’t care.

A little back story first. My girlfriend and I got back from shopping at Fred Meyer, I miss that store man. Anyways, when we opened our front door to go inside, a homeless cat ran in.

We decided to feed him and went to the office to find out if anyone owned this cat, no one did. Then we came to figure out that he belonged to previous residents that moved without taking their cat.

We also came to find out from our neighbor downstairs that some assholes where running around feeding poison to the cats. There was more than one homeless cat. Our neighbor would leave his windows to his car down at night with food in it so the cats had food and a place to sleep.

However his wife didn’t want a cat, so we took one of them in.

He was a boy that we named Pinkman, based off of the show Breaking Bad. Yeah bitch. Anyways that night we went to Walmart to get cat food, litter, and a litter box.

He knew right away how to find and go inside of his “shitbox.”

I think he had one of the best nights in a long time. He was still jumpy as hell, he was not used to this whole thing of being able to sleep without being on guard.

All the female cats were in heat, so we were quick to go chop off his balls. We didn’t want him to meow really loud all night and scratch the walls after peeing all around the house.

It took him a long time to be not all defensive and violent, but it happened overtime. We also took him with us on a 4 day car trip from Washington to Nebraska.

My girlfriend is jealous because he does not bit or scratch me as often as he does with her, however his violent behavior has drop a significant amount.

Fast forward to this morning

We have this window in our bedroom and our cat sits up there and watches outside. Being that we do live in the basement, the ground on the outside of the house is at the bottom of the window. From there he can from to and from the bed and back to the window.

My girlfriend is currently in Portland, OR for a funeral. Which totally sucks, but the means I got a queen bed to myself.

Whenever Pinkman is on the window seal on I lift up the sheets to move or whatever, he gets really curious about whats under those sheets.

We don’t even call our cat by his name anymore. My girlfriend has either been calling him ‘Schmoopie’ or ‘Baby Bub’ while I refer to him as ‘Dude’, ‘Bro’, or ‘Shitbag’.

Anyways this morning I lifted up the blanket while he was on the bed and he went in like a cat that was on the hunt for a mouse. He didn’t attack me though.

I lay on my side with my legs bent up in front of me. After sneaking into the mysterious covers he turns around to cuddle up in the little nook formed by my torso and my legs.

He laid down with the bottom of his body up against my legs and forming half of a U shape to lay his head down resting up against my stomach.

But I was cold, so it didn’t last long. He didn’t want to lay under a dark cover, so he got up to jump back into the window.

It was just really sweet and would make my girlfriend really jealous, he doesn’t do that type of shit with her.

That being said, I’m glad we rescued a homeless cat from Tacoma, WA. He had definitely¬†made me feel like I wasn’t alone when I was the only one home.


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