Oh, Poor Kid


This was the car that I owned at the time I ended up being away from my apartment about three hours longer then planned.

I could not think of a better picture to put along with this story, and yes-this picture was taken at my old house in Puyallup, WA.

It was a Volvo 850R. Man, I wish I still had that car. Not only was it rare, but it was also the most luxurious car I ever owned. Being a dumb kid at the time, I didn’t take care of it.

I ended up selling it to some kid in Seattle. I hope he restored it like he told me he was. I didn’t want to give my baby to someone who was just going to drive in until it didn’t go anymore.

Anyways….. onto my story.

I used to live in an apartment with a friend named Marcus and his girlfriend at the time/my other friend named Crystal. I met this kid named Jimmy, I can’t really remember how I met him, but I assume it was though Crystal. She didn’t like him either.

He kept trying to hit on her, and because of that Marcus never really liked him. Crystal was hot as hell, big boobs, nice butt, not too skinny, lets just say I would have loved dipping my pen into her ink.

But it never happened, nor was I really trying to make it happen. First of all she was dating one of my best friends and two, it probably wasn’t going to happen anyways, so I didn’t really care.

We are still friends to this day, so are Marcus and I. However Marcus and Crystal are no longer dating, and I have a girlfriend that means the world to me.

So if Crystal were to text me nude pictures of her, it would be very hard-get it….ha ha ha ha ha-for me not to walk away.

Onto this asshole named Jimmy.

I’m too nice for my own good, and tend to give everyone an equal chance at friendship until they prove differently.

After hanging out and smoking with Jimmy and my other friend Eric. I have not seen Jimmy for a long time, and I didn’t really want to either.

He spent the whole time telling us that he owned property out in a smaller town you would pass on the way to Mt. Rainier, apparently this property that he owned had a huge ass house on it.

But then you looked at his car, and well….

He drove an early 90’s four door Honda Civic, one of the windows was broken, so he covered it with a thin sheet of clear plastic wrap surrounded by duct tape. The car was primer grey, like it was going to be painted, but he never got around to it.

It was primer grey for so long that there were several small points of impact that chipped off that protective coat of primer and was now turning into large and misshapen brown circles of rust.

His back two speakers didn’t even have a covers to them, you could see the blue cones of the speakers surrounded by a light brown padding.

We did not see him for a long time.

At that point in my life Eric would hang out at my house a lot, he lived at his parents and if he was hanging out with me, not only was I there, but occasionally there were a lot of his friends over at my house having a party.

Whether there was a party going on or not, there was always enough beer to last five games of Kings Cup, with five people playing.

Fast forward about five or six mouths.

Crystal has now broken up with Marcus and moved out. Because of the fact that Marcus was now single we had this method of cleaning the apartment every Sunday.

But that only lasted so long.

I have a friend named Scott, many of us call him by many other names; Scooter, Scoot, or Poot.

He has the famous stereotypical job for anyone living in Washington, he is a logger. He is very good at scaling a 200 foot tall evergreen tree and cutting it down in sections.

As of now he has long hair, not past his ears, and a full goatee that is not well maintained. However at that point in time, when this story takes place, he had a shaved head and was clean shaven.

He is covered in tattoos, most of them are small tattoos that were done by an amateur tattoo artist. But there are so many of them on his chest, arm, and hands that you cant really see his skin color anymore.

I trust Scoot, he was over at my house while Eric and I were out on a beer run. When we got back home we saw Jimmy climbing out the back of a white Saturn SUV.  He comes up to say hi and whatever, but then runs back to his ride, so they could leave.

They left him behind, Jimmy was now our problem. We let him into the house, and Jimmy said he had to use the phone, but never did. I’m sure he was making it up the whole time.

The people in the Saturn either got sick of his shit, for the same reason I was going to later that night; or it was all planned out and they just dropped him off. Either way, he was now a problem that we had to deal with.

After taking a few shots of whiskey, and never using the phone, we ended up outside on my large back patio that was surrounding by a hill and two wooden fences. If you have ever lived in Western Washington, it has quite beautiful and serene to be surrounded by the nature of the Pacific Northwest.

Scoot almost got into a fight with Jimmy in my backyard, but it never happened, Scoot is very loyal and if I tell him not to fight Jimmy, he won’t.

At the same time Scoot, who is a big and muscular type of guy, understands that I can’t really defend myself. That being said, Scoot will beat up anyone at anytime just because I told him to. It might not be the smartest thing for him to do. especially without asking any questions.

But its nice to know that I had a friend like that.

I stopped the fight for a few reasons. As dumb as Jimmy was, he was not being a threat. I also had some marijuana on me, and so did Eric, the last thing I wanted was to attract the police who would have charged Scoot with assault and battery.

After smoking cigarettes we ended up back inside hanging out in front of the TV. Jimmy said, “just give me a ride home.” I jump in and say, “I’m not fucking taking you to Eatonville.” 

We were sure that he didn’t actually own any property in Eatonville, but I said it to kinda say, “fuck you.”

Jimmy gasped and was quick to say, “no, not there man, my parents house.” I looked at him and said “Okay, where do they live?”

It was not too far from my parents house or Eric house, Eric and I grew up on opposite ends of the same neighborhood.

I left Eric and Scoot at my house saying, “whatever bro, I’ll drive you home.” 

There I am in my nice car with Jimmy, who I didn’t really like anyways, and I’m driving south on Meridian at 9 o’clock at night in the rain. I knew Puyallup like the back of my hand, and I cut though the back of the South Hill library to get to where I needed to go.

We then get to what he says is his house, but is now telling me that his parents are not there. He goes onto convince that he knows this other dude that lives in Spanaway. I’m thinking to myself, “fuck it, let’s go to Spanaway, if that gets you out of my car.”

While driving towards Spanaway he tells me I should go to a party with him on Hilltop but we need to go to Seattle and get some China White.

I had no idea what China White was, I assumed it was cocaine. I never did cocaine nor was I comfortable with the idea of being around it.

A few weeks ago I started reading Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx, mainly because I like to read about train wrecks, but I feel bad for him the further I get into it. In order words I found out that China White is Heroin.

I might have dropped him off in Hilltop, but there was no way in hell I was going to Seattle. I don’t care what he wanted to do, Seattle was about 50 to 60 miles north of us. Fuck that noise.

I pulled into a Circle K on Hilltop and saw a homeless crackhead sitting on the side of the store. I parked my car quickly and shouted, “get the fuck out of my car.”

Without hesitation he said, “no dude, I love you, you can’t leave me on Hilltop”. 

Hilltop is a ghetto in Tacoma, I know it’s not as bad as like the Bronx or whatever, but it’s differently somewhere you don’t want to be walking around at 10:30 at night, or whatever time it was.

He continues talking out of his ass and this whole time I’m thinking, “how do I get this asshole out of my car.” Some more bullshit is flowing out of Jimmy’s mouth and once again he wanted to know if I loved him.

Not really knowing what to say… I think I said, “dude, I usually give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but you’re being a fucking asshole, and you just turned a great time with two friends into a night of being the car with an asshole.”

This whole time I’m thinking, I end up with three solutions to my problem. Do I go home and have Scoot kick his ass, do I go to my dad’s house and have him save me, or do I go to the Police Station.

I then come to find out that I left my cell phone at home and I still had a gram of weed in my pocket. Being in Washington State, especially the greater Seattle area, the cops wouldn’t give a shit about one gram of marijuana, but I didn’t really want to deal with it anyways.

I can’t call Eric either, they are most likely worried about me, I said I was going to be gone for 15 minutes not two and a half hours. Even if I was able to call Eric and have Scoot kick his ass, I would have had to deal with the police anyhow.

To my parents I went. I’m now driving south on Pacific late at night, it’s still raining. “Where are you going,” Jimmy asked me. I told him that we were going to my parents house because if anyone was able to pull him out of my car it would be my dad.

Before we got to my parents house he tells me to take him to his parents house. That’s not far from my parents, and I didn’t really want him to know where my mom and dad lived anyways. Instead of turning right all I had to do was turn left.

He got out of my car and then went to go peer into a van, a cargo van that appeared to be ran down and was also covered with a blue tarp.

On the other side of the street the neighborhoods were a lot nicer. It was kinda strange to see single and double wide trailers on one side of the street but cross it to end up being surrounded by two-story houses that all go for $350,000 to $400,000.

After dropping him off I crossed the street and drove right to my parents house. My mom was worried about me before she even knew why I was there. I told my dad, he was glad I got out of that situation.

I picked up my phone and called Eric to let him know that I was safe. Based off of his caller ID he knew I was at my parents house. After going to the bathroom I got back in my car and drove towards the mall in the rain while listening to loud music.

I ended up back at home to smoke and drink with my two friends. I ended up doing what I wanted to do, but it took three hours to get there.

On a side note I was 100% sober before driving anywhere, I did not smoke or drink until I got home that night.


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