3 Things I Believe


I have not posted anything in the ‘How I Feel’ section lately, and I got inspiration when I saw this Daily Prompt.

So here goes nothing, they asked and I’m answering the question, I’m not trying to offend anyone by the way, if that happens I’m sorry that my feelings pissed you off so much.

1. There is not a God

If someone wants to believe in God, good for you. If you’re happy doing it, then by all means chase the thing that makes you happy. I totally support the freedom of religion, but at the same time I also do not think that God or any other religious icon has anything to do with any sort of business, other than church.

Speaking of that, churches should pay taxes. Do you know how much they steal from us because they don’t have to pay taxes?

The whole idea that a book that was intended to spread peace and harmony, and at the same time can spread so much hate towards a certain group of people is unfathomable to me.

Did you know that Ken Ham is now spending a shit ton of money to build a life-size version of a ‘fictional’ Noah’s Ark the will never float, and can’t even scientifically float if they were to build it with the same technology that was available a long ass time ago. That tons of money can be used to feed the hungry. Isn’t that what God would want?

If it happens to interest you, you can go back to my other article ‘Why I Became an Atheist’.

May I end the topic by quoting Bill Nye and say, “we have tress older than you think the earth is”. 

2. Political parties are dividing people.

At least in America, that’s all I know, so I’m not going to try to start talking about a country that I do not live in.

Most people relate more to one side of the political parties versus the other one, but the majority of us are somewhere in the middle.

I guess the easiest way to explain it would be to use me as an example by telling you I’m more of a Democrat than a Republican.

Recently one of the most famous things Democrats have been trying to do is take high-powered rifles away from those who can legally own one.

While I might consider myself to be more of a Democrat, I fully support the rights for any resisted gun owner to owe whatever the fuck he wants to.

Other than like Grenade Launchers and shit.

A while ago there was a post on Facebook that came from a news station out of Seattle. They were asking people their opinions on rather smoking in the car around your son or daughter should be illegal.

While I agree that it’s not good for one’s health to be around secondhand smoke, it’s not the government’s job to tell me how I can or can not raise my kid!

I might be drifting off of subject, but once someone becomes a president they don’t fucking care about anything besides your vote! What they said two years ago as a member of congress may not be the same now that they are president.

And then you got Facebook, and well Facebook just gave everyone a bigger stage to say whatever they want to.

I’ve been called a fucking idiot on Facebook for saying something Democratic that I didn’t consider to be offensive, but some fucktard took it that way and became super defensive about how conservatives know how to run this country better than liberals.

No one in office fucking knows either, sorry for ‘using bad words’ so much by the way. They just happen to have the power to make shit happen that you either agree with or you don’t.

Everyone is smeared somewhere in the middle of the two political parties. We need to stop letting social media tear us apart.

I’m very much of a ‘whatever floats your boat’ type of guy, if something makes you happy then by all means go do it. As long as you’re not violently causing harm to another person, who the fuck am I to tell you how to be happy?

On the other hand if you come up to me and tell me that the Bible says we should kill homosexuals so therefore they do not deserve the rights to marriage. I’d have a very hard time walking away from that.

I don’t even think I made a point….whatever

3. I know what the fifth dimension is.

I hit on the top two things that I believe in and I can not really think of one that is as important to me the two I have just talked about, and I kinda went off on tangents while explaining myself; so I might have ended up explaining more than just two.

So… in an attempt to add some humor I’m going to tell you one of my theories that I came up with when I was stoned like four or five years ago, to add even more, or attempt to add , humor to my explanation I’m going to talk like a stereotypical stoner.

Sorry for all the “bad words,” if there are any, and sorry to all of you who smoke pot, I’m not trying to make you look less intelligent than anyone else.

So check this shit out man, I totally know what the fifth dimension is, it’s a paradox man.

The first dimension is the X axis, the second is the Y axis, right?

Then the third is the Z axis, and that can make a three-dimensional object and shit. Like your keyboard or whatever is anywhere around you.

Then we got the fourth dimension which is time. That more or less says that if you throw a baseball the 3D object will exist thought time in different locations in space. Therefore giving us what many scientists call space and time.

Okay dude, so like if I’m correct and shit there is a separate theory by Albert Einstein known as the String Theory, if I read correctly that theory was thrown out by a lot of people in the scientific community.

The String Theory says that straight line, such as the time line, is not an infinite line. That line has a wide arc to it and will end up in the same place it started.

So like, listen to this shit bro. Like let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the timeline was only 24 hours.

Okay, so lets say that you have a DVD case, and you never touch it or move it. You set that shit on the table at 00:00.00 and it sits there all fucking day. At 23:59.59 is is still there, right?

But this little scaled down time line we are using just met it self, the end of the line just ran into the beginning of that line.

The DVD case now re-creates itself in the same place

But there can not be two 3D objects in the same place at the same time, so therefore one destroys the other, right?

So like this is some weird ass trippy shit dude. If the case that was there in the first place is no longer there, how did it even get there?

It’s kinda like that damn question. If you go back in time and kill your mom, how could you of gone back in time in the first place?

I know this was a dumb ass theory I came up with when I was stoned, but a lot of my friends that I explained it to were not only laughing at me but were also like, “oh damn dude, that makes sense in a weird way.”

No, it’s not something I believe with all of my heart, but makes one think nonetheless. It’s just my attempt to add some humor after telling you the first two things that I believe in.

I’m sure I could have came up with a third one, but I felt like I needed to be more lighthearted and whatnot.

So there ya go.


10 thoughts on “3 Things I Believe”

  1. Ha! Try this:

    Time is the experience of a dimension.
    As you say, a 3D object exists in space and through time, and when it has ceased to exist, it can now be measured in 4D, length X width X height X duration. Of course the shape of the 4D object is complex indeed, considering that the Earth rotates, orbits the sun, which orbits the galaxy’s centre, which possibly orbits the universe’s centre, even if it’s your CD case which hasn’t moved relative to the Earth, that is a long, squiggly object.
    Now, if time is only our experience of occupying a dimension, it can’t be right to think that we occupy one dimension, then two, then three, and that “now” we are experiencing the process of occupying the fourth . . . but that’s as far as my mind will go, unassisted by LSD. Maybe that’s what it is, we’re now busy becoming our 4D selves, and when that’s done, at death, or at full dispersal of our corporal elements, we experience the “next” time, of occupying the 5D world . . .

    1. I guess so… Still a fun comment to get however. Just what I was hoping for. I’d rather have that type of comment versus the ones that say I’m an idiot based off of the first two.

      1. Yeah, we see enough about that stuff online, don’t we. That line of thought absolutely was an LSD fuelled epiphany when I was 20 or so. I don’t think about it much any more, but is fun, for sure . . . I think I’ve heard that the physicists these days have mathematics for multi-dimensional theories, I wonder if any of this stuff fits in . . .

      2. I don’t see why not, hell, if you have some scientific theories that are either made up or in some sort of science journal fill free to put a link to this post in one of your post to generate what is called a pingback or whatever.

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