Wrist Pain


I was applying for a job and on a positive note, they want to prescreen me for a job on the phone, kind of like a step before a job interview type thing. But let’s go backwards in time by a few hours.

It was like 2 o’clock or something and my girlfriend was getting ready for work and was going to leave the house early to go to Starbucks. While I was looking up and doing some minor research for the company that I was applying to I asked my girlfriend if it was actually hot outside today, or if it was just the sun.

The weather here has been weird, Nebraskan’s don’t really think too much about it, but I was away for too long to remember, and my girlfriend spent her whole life in the Pacific Northwest.

We are used to seeing a high temperature of 82, or even 43; but the low temperature for that day is nowhere under 5 degrees from the high.

It’s weird to see it be 78 on Monday, at noon , and 31 the same night. Then it’s in the 50’s during the day and in the teens that following night. Then back up in the 70’s the following day.

After asking her she told me that it was like 75 degrees outside. I remember telling her, “I’m going out today.” My car was in the shop, so the only form of transport that I had was my wheelchair.

Combined with some arm strength I ended up going further then I thought, kind of.

I figured I would wait for my mom to get back home, but that took too long. Just so she knows I’m not dead or something.

Nebraska has a street every mile, throughout the entire state, or so I’ve been told. I live in a neighborhood that is filled with residential streets. Not all of those streets are straight, however the neighborhood that I live in is surrounded by 4 main traffic busy streets that all run north and south to east and west.

I got up and headed to the garage to sit in one of my wheelchairs. My driveway is no more the 20 feet long, but has about a four-foot drop to the street and the house across from mine had its driveway in-line with my driveway.

I let go of my tires and sped down the hill to cross the street with a lot of urgency and ended up on the sidewalk of the street that was opposite of me.

I went around the block where there was yet another hill that ran on for 500 feet with a slope of 4 degrees, enough to get a good amount of speed.

At the bottom of the hill I turned right to venture into a neighborhood that I never “rolled” into. I ended up going straight, turning left, and turning right. Going places that caused me to get lost within less than a mile from my house.

I ended up being stopped by some old man standing on the other side of the street. It was a pretty nice day out so he was doing yard work before he stopped to walk across the street to talk to me.

He was a pretty nice guy who ended up telling me that him and his wife moved to that side of town to retire. Eventually I told him that I was born on the other side of town and spent 15 years in Washington State before moving back to live on this side of town.

He told me where I was, but I’m bad a directions anyhow, so a lot of it didn’t make much sense to me. He ended up telling me more than I needed to know, but I was able to figure out where I was based on what he said.

Just like he told me, I went straight to the next 3 way intersection. I was closer to the store than I figured I was. On the way to the store another man was sitting on a swing with his wife and two dogs.

I didn’t really want to talk to this dude, I was listening to The Men’s Room God dammit.

But I’m a nice guy and I don’t want to be an asshole, so I did. I didn’t have a long conversation with him, but came to find out that he no longer had Cancer, so that’s a good thing.

Towards Walgreens I went, I got there and rolled in to buy an energy drink and a candy bar. After sitting there and finishing my candy bar I was headed off the same direction I just came.

My wrist was starting to hurt, but I didn’t expect it to get much worse.

By the time I went about 200 feet or so I turned around, I kind of had to go to the bathroom… so I figured I better go before I get too far away from a restroom.

I turned around and went another 100 feet to turn the other direction and headed to the other store. I knew the grocery store had a bathroom in it.

While I was at the store my mom called me to ask where I was, so I told her; without a pause she became more worried than a guy who just got his first period.

After taking care of my business, being that I was in a different location, I went a totally different way home. I knew where I was this time, it was the same way I took if I actually drove there.

Fast forward 1,500 feet and 30 minutes, I was no more than three to four hundred feet from my house before I called my dad to come pick me up.

He came to get me and threw my chair in the back of his truck before we went to the other side of town and got my car back from the shop.

I got back home at like 6 o’clock that night and after dinner I went downstairs and got onto Google Maps to figure out where I went and how far I traveled.

I was too tired to really do anything when I got home. I ended up traveling 2.7 miles in all and put my wrist in so much pain in the process.



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