The Empty Road


I got the weirdest feeling today, not really weird, but I don’t know anyone else that can relate to it. The only person I know who can relate to it now lives 1,650 miles away from me. But I do not think he would be able to connect to this particular feeling.

This morning when I work up it was a gloomy day outside. While I was eating I was watching Catfish on MTV and they were driving in the rain. I didn’t think it effected me that much until my girlfriend and I went to go to Walmart.

I opened the garage door so we could both head out to my car, as I was staring at my car in the driveway I said, “I had an intense feeling it was raining today.” But it was not raining, I’m in Nebraska, not Washington.

The last time I saw it rain was in September 2013, it is now March 2014. I’m used to seeing it rain everyday with maybe a day without rain maybe once every other week. In an odd way I miss rain, I’d rather have rain than snow.

I miss Washington State, a lot.

My girlfriend wanted to go to the store this morning, so we did. As I was driving to the store I got this weird feeling like I wanted to get on I-80 and drive west until I was in a small town.

Not like finding a small town is a hard thing to do in Nebraska, but I just wanted to drive a straight path for no particular reason.

I have an iPod connection to my car stereo and that iPod has a massive amount of music on it. This morning I was listening to Schoolboy Q. It oddly reminded me of Washington State. However I didn’t have that album until a few weeks ago or whatnot.

I know people, all of us that live in Nebraska still ride around in covered wagons that are pulled by horses and we are never exposed to anything other than country music.

I just felt like driving west and deciding to turn around at some point. Driving is very therapeutic for me. If the same friend I mentioned above still lived in Colorado I would just drive for 8 hours to go visit him. But he doesn’t, so….

Maybe I’ll drive over to Hastings, Nebraska and drink some Kool-Aid just to turn around and go back home.

Did you know that Kool-Aid was invented by a guy named Edwin Perkins who lived in Hastings, Nebraska during the early 1900’s?


3 thoughts on “The Empty Road”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about missing the rain. I’m from Vancouver and when I lived in Whitehorse, Yukon for a few years when I was 21 or so, I only felt at home the few, rare times it rained. Plus, I missed the humidity and my nose was plugged up the whole time.

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