Handicapped People Do Not Wear Clothes!


Well that was a bad excuse, people should know by now that we go shopping too. I guess she thinks that handicapped people need to stay home and have a depressed life without any enjoyment.

Well that’s what my mom thinks at least, which is funny as hell to me, because she too is physically disabled. You can, if you have not, find out in previous posts that she developed her disability later in life unlike me who was born showing symptoms.

It is said that those who lose any ability later in life have a harder time coping with their circumstances versus those who have known it their whole life.

That being said, my mom annoys the hell out of me, every single time I go anywhere outside of the house, she comes up with a thousand possibilities of how I might get hurt.

While I understand her concern, I’m no longer 10 years old.

There is a stat out there that says there is more danger in your home than outside of it. This is not about my mom though, just a side note that my brain went towards. Let’s just say that I’m surprised my mom has not told me that I’m not allowed to use electronic devises because they give off a tiny amount of radiation, because we all know that I might die from that.

You know what, I might, but you’re going to enjoy your life more if you fucking live it.

Last night I was laying in bed playing around with my mobile device, oh my god, I might die! Anyways, I stumbled onto a blog called A Different Sort of Solitude. While I do not have autism, I was able to connect with it, it has captured my interest.

I think one of the things that captured my interest the most was that fact that I too was called a retard. Different reasons of course, but something I could relate to nonetheless.

While reading one of their articles about some asshole blocking a handicapped ramp with his truck, which I too have experienced, it got me to thinking about something that I want to tell you about.

First of all, if you have a car and park in front or block a handicapped ramp in any way, I’m fucking running into your car with my wheelchair, I have before, and I will again. You’re not supposed to be there for what I assume would be a pretty fucking obvious reason, but apparently you think we all have super powers and can fly over your car.

Okay so may I start off by telling you that I still listen to one of my favorite radio stations out of Seattle. Ever since I started e-mailing this show and telling them my name “Dan the Handicapped Man,” more people who are disabled seem to be e-mailing into the show, I could totally be wrong, it might just be another disabled guy e-mailing the show.

Anyhow his name was Bruce and he sent them an e-mail, that was read on the air. He was saying that “able-bodied individuals” should not use the handicapped stall in the public bathroom.

While part of me agrees with him, in some cases The Americans With Disability Act of 1990 has ended up doing things that may not be needed at that particular moment in time.

Let’s take 99.9 KISW for example, they work on the 16th floor of a tall building in downtown Seattle. According to Steve the Thrill Hill, there are not any handicapped people who work on the 16th floor. That being said, use the handicapped stall all you want, if some person in a wheelchair comes into that bathroom they will just have to wait, like other people.

On one hand, people have to wait to use the bathroom whether you’re disabled or not; on the other hand if you, a person in a wheelchair, goes into a bathroom and 4 of 5 stalls are empty and the only one being used, by a normal person, is the disabled stall, they are just going to end up looking like an asshole.

I feel like I had to mention the handicapped stalls to bring up The Disability Act of 1990, which plays into what I’m about to tell you.

The store I’m about to talk about has been under reconstruction when my girlfriend and I left for the state of Nebraska, so it might have been fixed by now.

I’m sure you have heard the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore, and only reason I bring this up is because it fits into this story.

The song itself has been over played, and I guess that is a good thing for Macklemore, but it is now the one song on the album that I listen to the least.

As you may know Macklemore is from Seattle, thrift shop shopping is totally different in the Pacific Northwest. All the towns around Seattle all run into one another, outside of downtown Seattle, the area is more of less the same.

Thrift shopping in Seattle is more or less the same as doing it 50 miles south in the city of Tacoma.

I realize I can only compare what I know, that being eastern Nebraska and western Washington.

My girlfriend and I went thrift shopping out here in Lincoln and they didn’t have anything worth caring about and everything was over priced. They wanted $6.99 for a 5×3 inch picture of The Rock  that had a magnet on the back of it, in Washington I could of got that for $0.10.

This is mainly because of the population size and that everyone has a garage sale before they donate it. Washington on the other hand actually had a good amount of stuff, a wide verity to.

A month or so before we left the state of Washington we went to a Goodwill in Spanaway. I needed some jeans, my girlfriend was just bored of staying at home.

The picture at top of this story was the only handicapped accessible changing room, other then that they had four others, that I was barely able to get my wheelchair into. It was like trying to fit a six-foot bong into a closet that was only 5 feet high.

I had to back into the changing room and do a sixty point turn just to fit into the room so I could get out of my wheelchair on the right side just so I could stand up in the remaining foot of space. I could have got out of my wheelchair to gimp into the stall, but that is not what handicapped accessible means!

Most people in a wheelchair can not do as much as I can, and some of them can do more than I can, but that is not the point either.

I really do not like to try on clothes at any store, that is mainly because I’m a guy. However that is not the point either.

The law says that you, as a public place, need to provide ways for those of us in wheelchairs the ability to go places that you can.

After doing another 60 point turn just to squeeze out of the dressing room. I ended up back at the clothes section with my girlfriend. My girlfriend said to me, “do you want to try these on to.” I made a point to talk loud so that employees were able to hear me.

“I don’t care baby, but I’m changing out here in the middle of the store, I don’t care if they call the police, they are breaking the law, not me, I’m just doing what I have to.” Needless to say she didn’t have me try on any more clothes, I just took them home.

As we were at the cashier counter we asked the cashier why the handicapped accessible stall was filled with boxes and a vacuum cleaner. She said “we don’t have anywhere else to put it.” I looked back at her as if she just told me that cars did not need engines to run and I said.

“So what am I supposed to do?” She than goes onto say, “I don’t know, we never get people in wheelchairs, so we don’t need to worry about it.”

My girlfriend who worked in special education and/or home care for those with special needs then jumped in the conversation by asking for her and her bosses name.

That night when we got home she wrote a lengthy letter to the Goodwill corporation. I strongly feel as if that is the primary reason that they were remodeling the store right before we left the state of Washington.

At least the 16th floor has a handicapped accessible bathroom stall, no one, who is disabled, might ever use it, but when and if it happens, it’s there under said law. Yes Goodwill also had one, but they blocked it off, so it could not be used anyways.

There are countless handicapped accessible issues in this country, that is just one of them that I was involved in.


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