The Tattoo


A few years back I used to go to parties in a house that was not too far from mine in Puyallup.

That is where I met this guy named Josh, but they all called him Wheels. At 21 years of age he had brown hair that was always spiked along with brown eyes. I do not know how tall he was, he never stood up.

We had an automatic connection to one another and it did not take very long for us two to start talking to each other.

Josh tried to show me his tattoo, but with everything that was going on at the time I didn’t pay too much attention to it. A few weeks later I was over there again, this time when he showed me his tattoo I said, “that’s fucking badass dude.”

Josh was a kid with Spina Bifida who was one of the coolest guys I have known and gave me the best idea for a tattoo, that looks different than his.

I’ve been sitting here thinking that I didn’t know what to write about, I did not have a goal behind my blog and I needed one.

My life is not that interesting, what do I got to offer.

Then it hit me like the sidewalk, I’ll white about what I write about, I won’t really change anything. The only thing I will do differently from this point on is always use the 3 tags in my posts: disabled, handicapped, and wheelchair; or likewise words.

If I can connect with anyone, it would be other handicapped people. I know that I like to see what y’all got to say, because I assume it will contain more relatable content.

My whole goal is not to only share my life with others who happen to be disabled, but not just you guys, everyone else to. As a kid I was always telling myself that my goal in life is to give my friends and their friends a whole new perspective of those people who happen to be disabled.

We are all people, people; we need to treat each other as such. Whether you be black, white, gay, disabled, republican, democrat, or anything else I failed to mention, we are all photo 1people.

Some of us can disagree on an issue, but that is another story, the point being that all of us deserve the acceptance of another.

Time to put that into blog format. If you do not know or have not figured it out, I myself am disabled.

If you follow my blog you will come to learn about the guy who is me. My brain is all over the place so what you hear on one post may be totally different from another.

My main goal is to show you another life that is not yours, maybe I’ll even end up inspiring some people; I doubt it, but here’s to hoping.

If you choose to follow my blog may I say, “welcome to my life.”


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