You’re Obsolete.

The Obsolete Man

On New Years Eve night after coming home from dinner I sat down and turned on the television. I started to watch one of my favorite shows Twilight Zone. They were playing a marathon, the second episode I watched caught my interest.

I think I can relate to it in ways most people can’t, but we can all relate to it to some degree. The full episode is at the bottom if you so choose to watch it. I like this show because it makes people think, many episodes tell a good story.

This episode had to have been centered in either a futuristic society or that of a dictatorship, possibly both. This guy named Mr. Wordsworth is called to trial and is told he has no use anymore. He works as a librarian, this society has eliminated books and literature, therefore he does not have a further use and must die.

The court gives him a choice to decide his method of execution and grants his request which is to  have his final moments televised in an attempt to show the public what happens when someone is deemed, against his own will, to be obsolete.

He also requests to talk to the chancellor in his room, that is going to be blown up per his request, and the chancellor then leaves his room before the last scene of this show.

When the chancellor returns to the courtroom he discovers that his junior officer has replaced him, therefore he is now obsolete. Due to the execution being televised he showed everyone that he was a coward and has disgraced that society.

At the end of the show Rod Serling makes his appearance, as he is known to at the beginning and end of every show. He says “any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of men, that state is obsolete.”

In the long run this has made me think of my employment situation. I moved back to this state to take a job as a drafter.

For those of you that do not know that is someone who produces a detailed blueprint(s) of a part(s), under the supervision of engineers, for manufacture and/or construction.

I’m not going to go into why that job is not there, but it has a lot to do with the shape of this country. Corporations what employees that can do said job, right? Recently the whole shape of the country has given those in charge the ability to make however much money they want.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, however those in charge happen to be greedy. That is why we have a corporation like Walmart that get away with murder.

According to Statistic Brain, as of December 11th 2013 Walmart annually sold 405 billion dollars worth of product, that’s $405,000,000,000. They also employ two million employees in 4,253 stores country-wide. The Huffington Post reported that 1,525,000 Walmart employees made less than $25,000 a year.

Let’s say that a single mom has two kids and works at Walmart, ASPE says that if they have a total income under $19,530 they are therefore under the line of poverty. I don’t know where they got their numbers from, but a single person is his or her own place can not live off of $19,503. It’s really hard to even live off of $25,000 after you take into account everything you have to pay for just to live.

This is not about Walmart though, I’m just giving you an example. The majority of people who become engineers start out as a machinist and follow the career latter from there. I will not be able to stand, or even walk, forever; I need help as is.

My previous job can lie to me all they want, but I know they were trying to get rid of me because I was a slow machinist, and they totally had the right to do so; but how do I go any further if I can’t do that?

I did go to school, twice, and have obtained two degrees.

I thought about being a tattoo artist, but that requires me to go back to school to take an art class. I don’t even know if I’ll pick up on that, I draw but I don’t feel as if it is close to being able to compare it to what tattoo artist’s can do.

I even thought about a cashier, but then that requires me to stand, yes I know that I can get accommodations, but will that needed space allow everyone else the ability to work? Then I need to be fast at that also, I’ll need to be able to not only talk to customers while keeping a smile on my face but I’ll need to make sure that the line moves fast.

That means I will need to be fast at using the calculator, grabbing the right amount of change, as well as bagging the product(s). That job is out of the question.

Then I thought to myself “I’ll be a stocker.” Then I realized that they push around heavy carts full of product, and I can’t do that in my wheelchair. The long and short is that I can not run, jump, or skip; what type of job can I do? Am I obsolete?

I feel like it most of the time. I know that living in this country I can go onto disability, which I have; but $10,776 is a lot less than $19,530. I’m way under the poverty line, if it weren’t for my parents how would I live off of that?

Even if I got rid of my car, my car insurance, my phone, my clothes, and my food, I can barely afford rent for any place that does not require me to worry about getting shot on a nightly basis. Even if I go onto food stamp, how can I afford my utilities?

What do I do? What does everyone else to? As Rod Serling mentioned any ideology that fails to recognize the worth men is obsolete. Is this country obsolete?


3 thoughts on “You’re Obsolete.”

    1. In all reality I know that America is not obsolete, but as I look at those who are in power of those in power of those who have power. I feel as is I and a bunch of others are stuck in the pile of shit that they all left and continue to leave behind. It’s all a matter of perspective really, but there are a lot of us and a few of them. In my particular case, I don’t know what do to or if I can even do it, and even if I can do it, it remains hard to find someone that will hire an physically disabled person. I bet you and everyone else does not want to pay higher taxes to offer me an income. I want a job, I don’t want to take money from you. However until I find a job, if I do; you’re still paying for a 30 year old to have a very low income, if you even want to call it a income.

      1. yeah, I guess it’s a cycle to some degree, that the inequality gets so bad every 100 years, but I can’t wait for that crazy bubble to burst and for the majority rule of actual democracy to return . . .

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